Monday, February 06, 2012

How You Treat People Is Critical To Your Success

A few weeks ago I was watching Oprah's Master Class on the OWN Network and Miss O herself featured Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, TBS and former owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team.  I was immediately engrossed in Ted's story as he has always been someone I've admired.

From an outsider's perspective he always struck me as an arrogant loud mouthed guy from the South and I love him for it.  He was never one to hold his tongue and his brashness is what drew me to follow him and his success over the years.  His never give up attitude which as I learned was as much a reason for his success as it was his failures in life, embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and I suppose is why I've always considered him one my entrepreneurial heroes.

The unique format that Oprah's Master Class offers is gives the viewer some real insight into the featured guest.  It's not a typical Oprah interview where she sits down and interviews the person but rather more of an intimate view into what makes someone like Ted Turner, Ted.

I was glued to my television as this man dropped pearls of wisdom from that super sharp brain and crooked little grin.  He spun stories of his youth, his business successes and failures and shared great lessons he learned from his father.  This gregarious, often over the top man has had one of the biggest impacts on all of our lives by turning the once nightly news concept into a 24 hour news cycle with CNN and Headline News.  Oh and he had a roll in creating the Cartoon Network which my kids and I are truly grateful for.

It was probably towards the interview where Ted gave a little mantra that he wrote for himself.  A sort of creed he has committed to live by.  One of the lines spoke to me as a person trying to make my own impact in the world.  It was a phrase so elegantly placed and so perfectly delivered, I had to back it up on the DVR several times just to hear him say it over and over again.

"Treat all persons with dignity, respect and friendliness."

This man who has experienced more success than I could ever hope to achieve myself summed up his his most powerful secrets to success in one line (at least that's how I took it).

Treat everyone you encounter in your life with dignity, respect and friendliness and you will really do something in this world.  You'll leave an indelible mark, one which will undoubtedly play a role in the success you will find.  People will want to be around you.  People will want to work with you. People will want to partner with you.  People will want to buy whatever it is you're selling. People will believe enough in you to help you launch something once thought impossible or crazy (hello CNN).

Treat everyone, no exceptions, with dignity, respect and friendliness and way more often than not, you'll not only receive the same back, but you'll find it Rippling back to you in abundance.

Thank you Ted Turner for reminding me to stay the course, work hard and dream big and that by treating all people the right way anything is possible.

Ripple On!!!

To see a clip of the Ted Turner interview please go here:


Kelsey said...

First of all, I love that you tuned into OWN ;-)

I too loved that interview for many reasons. Interesting what he said about his father.

His dad's BHAG was to make a million bucks, buy a boat and live the good life. Once his dad achieved that it was hard to find another level of success.

Lesson: Dream bigger than you can imagine so you always have something to work towards.

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