Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

Okay I'm going to admit it, I love the rock band Journey.  Old Journey with Steve Perry, not new Journey with the guy who desperately tries to sound like Steve Perry but doesn't.

Good Steve Perry (except for the shirt)
Dude who is definitely not Steve Perry.

Anyway, as I rode into work today "Don't Stop Believen'" came on the radio. Boy does that song take me back.  It's a "classic!"as I like to tell my boys, much to their annoyance I can assure you. "Dad you think everything's a classic!" Damn kids, what do they know?

But seriously, the message contained within this song is one I think we should all look to adopt.

Don't stop believing.  Hold on to that feeling.

Roll the dice just one more time.

To me the lyrics say it all.
Don't stop believing you can make whatever it is that you want happen.
Hold onto to that feeling because without it you won't ever get there.
Take your shot, roll the dice just one more time and maybe this time is the time!

Whether it's asking someone out on a date, picking up the phone and calling that CEO and asking for the business or bagging on that job with the boss you hate to go start your own thing, don't stop believing.  Don't stop believing you can make it happen.  Don't ever let someone take that feeling, that burning feeling that fuels you inside, away from you. Step up to the table, kiss those dice for luck and roll away my friend!

As you finish up the first month in 2012 I ask you a very simple question.  Will you?

I believe in you, provided you believe in yourself.

Don't stop believing and as always...

Ripple On!!!

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite songs and now a totally different perspective to hear the lyrics.

Great job as always Steve.