Thursday, January 05, 2012

More Active Ripple Building in 2012

With a little bit of your help.

So my goal this year is build a bigger Ripple presence.  But here's where you come in.

If you agree that:

connections are important
making other people's lives better is one of the most honored things you could do
life isn't always about you
leaving this world a better place than when you found it is your life's calling
that a stranger may just be a friend you don't know yet
every opportunity is an opportunity to learn something (often about ourselves more than anything else)
your creativity can never be allowed to go dormant
friends are one of life's greatest gifts
networking like most people do it sucks
creating Ripples is something we should do every day
having a commitment to growing yourself into a better person is possible
being there when people need you is a good thing
each new day is a new chance to excel in every area of our lives
you never have to worry about impressing a true friend
work isn't really work if you are working in your passion
your next career opportunity is likely going to come from your strong personal or professional network
showing someone you believe in them, even when they may not, is your obligation
well placed questions help you learn the "good stuff" about other people
a compliment is only real if you mean it
making connections just to grow your business is lame
there are no shortcuts to building real relationships
sometimes people need to know your sincere in your actions before they'll trust you
you have an unlimited capacity for making friends
networking for the sake of networking is pointless
setting yourself apart from the rest of the sheep is a critical step to your success
connecting the right way, the sincere way, is the only way
you are special and more of us need to know you
Ripples always come back to us, often in ways we don't expect
Ripples make life and work more fun
Rippling is the only way to work and live

If you believe in any of this, I ask you to help me spread the word.

Help those dysfunction networkers come to an 8 Minute Ripple Event.  We hold them every month in Austin and expect to expand to other cities soon (Denver, New York here we come).  Learn more at

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Make a Difference.  Start to Ripple.

Will you help me do that in 2012?

Ripple On!!!

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