Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A review of The 8 Minute Ripple

On Monday night I was honored to have the opportunity to hold a class on the The 8 Minute Ripple for the City of Austin's Small Business Development Program.  It was a fun experience to tell those in attendance how The 8 Minute Ripple started, why it's different (and I think way better) than traditional networking events and hopefully inspire a few people along the way to examine how they connect and build relationships. 

But the highlight of the night, after I got done blabbing of course was the actual Rippling. I helped facilitate a fun night of engaged conversations among the attendees and needless to say it was a blast.  The room was abuzz with such an excited energy and spirit. Any observer walking by would have seen the Rippling that was going on and would have assumed the people were long lost friends, not complete strangers meeting for the first time. 

Yesterday I received a very warm email from a young lady who had attended the event. Ms. Emily Wilder told me how much she enjoyed the event and that she hoped to bump into me at a Starbucks some day soon.  She also told me she had given me a "shout out" on her BLOG Wilder Goose Chase and her post titled "So, what do you do?" was just too good not to share.

Emily, thanks for the shout out and I too look forward to bumping into you at Starbucks very soon and hopefully the next Ripple in June (date and time to be posted on my website soon!) as well.

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Ripple On!!!

P.S. Are you getting this BLOG post in a reader?  Well you are missing all the event photos I posted so please log on to the BLOG to check them out. 

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Terry said...

I just signed up for the ripple effect updates on your blogg.

Funny I had a ripple effect personal relationship develop in to a business relationship for a friend recently and it was a great thing because he was o unhappy with what he was doing at the time.

I guess if you like people you work with things go much smoother no matter what you are involved in.