Monday, January 03, 2011

There's Always Next Year

So many of us probably sat around this past weekend thinking about resolutions and those things we wanted to change or do differently in the new year. You know those resolutions to lose some weight, perhaps to quit smoking/drinking or maybe just to quit cussing (as much). Heck some of us have already broken those resolutions (guilty as charged on the cussing front!). We accept defeat before we really even get started and then give ourselves permission to fail by saying, "There's always next year."

Don't do that.

Whatever goal, hope or resolution you have for yourself in the new year, don't give up on it. Don't turn tail and run away when met with the first bit of resistance. Don't allow yourself to let yourself off the hook that easily.

Change - real, meaningful change, is hard.  It takes commitment and dedication. Will there be hard times? Absolutely. Will it be frustrating and painful.  Possibly. Will it be worth enduring in order to achieve the outcome you are looking for? Only you can really say but I bet the answer is an unequivocal yes!

But whatever resolutions you've set for yourself this year don't give up on them. Just because you were met with a little disappointment today doesn't mean you have to completely give up.  Keep pushing, keep trying and just do better tomorrow than you did today.

"There's always next year!" is a cop out and an excuse losers make. You and I are surely not losers are we?

Ripple On!!!


Ann said...

I took a different approach this year to the resolutions/goals idea. I have always liked goals better than resolutions.

For this year, I chose 3 words, I can't take credit for this idea. Chris Brogan put the thought into my head and I decided to roll with it.

My 3 words for 2011, Love, Happiness and Adventure. I look at what I do everyday and see how those actions can take me to a higher level in each of those 3 categories.

New year, new decade--whatever works.


Suzanne Moore said...

Love it Steve!


Bob Richardson said...

I fall into this trap every year. I am not saying you are inspiring me to do anything different mind you but you did get me thinking. Perhaps I do give up a little too easily. I probably use the next year excuse as my cop out.

Change is hard and as it relates to my weight loss goal, I do need to stay at it a little longer rather than give it up on the first morning i don't feel like getting out there and running. Which ironically was this morning.

Thanks for your inspirational posts Mr. Ripple. Keep them coming - some of us need them!