Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Believe In You Works Wonders

"I believe in you."

I want you to pretend I just uttered those words to you directly.  How does it feel?  Does your heart race a little bit faster?  Do those previously slumped shoulders rise up a little bit more?  Does your chest fill with a bit more pride and confidence than maybe it had previously?  Do you find it impossible to not let that little grin wash all over your face as the the warm feelings of connection swell up inside of you?

"I believe in you" is one of the most powerful phrases one human can share with another.  It says it all and so much more.

Great Ripplers know that their primary job in life is to impact others.  Uttering this phrase unequivocally tells someone that you have confidence and belief in them.  It can instantly transform people and the perception they may have previously held of themselves.  It can propel someone to move mountains, tackle great obstacles, discover new things and or conquer great feats that looked previously unconquerable.

We all need to know someone out there believes in us.

So the real question is, how can you use this simple but powerful phrase this year to effect real change in someone's life or career?  Who needs to hear from you "I believe in you?"

Intoxicating and spirited words that wield a mighty power to create lasting Ripples which just may forever alter the course of someone's life.  Hey it's what we do as Ripplers isn't it?

I believe in you!  So, get to work...

Ripple On!!!

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