Monday, January 24, 2011

Bathroom Jack Wagon

The men's bathroom in my office building tests my Rippleness every day.  Creepy right?

You see almost every time I venture in to the second floor bathroom someone, let's call him Jack Wagon, has thrown a paper towel down on the floor.  This Jack Wagon is either a very lousy aim, the trash can is not small, or he believes his trash is someone else's responsibility.  Let's go with option number two Alex for $200.

It's a little thing mind you but it really irritates me. Sure we have a janitor that comes into the bathroom once a day and I am sure he has no problem cleaning up Jack Wagon's mess - in fact it could be argued he is paid to do it.  But really?  Is Jack Wagon so friggen important that he can't be bothered with taking the paper towel he's just been given to dry his hands and be expected to place it in the trash can that has also been provided for his benefit? 

So how in the world does it test my Rippleness you ask?  I am sure some of you who know me know it takes all that I can not to stalk said Jack Wagon and show him the error of his ways.  It takes ever ounce of resistance to not hunt him down and showcase my exceptionally skilled smart ass by demonstrating firsthand how a trash can is supposed to be used.

No what I do each day is pick up the trash and throw it away.  I use each new day as a reminder that some people are self-centered egotistical little brats who were probably raised by wolves.  They are somehow unfortunately too blind or stupid to know how their actions make life a little less grand for the rest of us. 

That one simple act, that occurs about two or three times a day, is my little deposit in the old Karma bank account. It's my own little Ripple contribution to the world I live and work in.  It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it's big enough to annoy the living begesus out of me to take action and do something.

Like most great Ripples, you've got to start somewhere.  Even if it's in your local bathroom.

Ripple On!!!

P.S. No Jack Wagons were harmed in the making of this BLOG post.  At least not yet.

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Sue said...

Heeeyyy, you got that name from the bad therapist car insurance commercial, didn't you??