Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thought Of The Day Inspires

I put out little phrases I come up with on Twitter almost every day to hopefully inspire people to take action and create some Ripples in their lives and in the lives of others.  Some I call Ripple Actions Of The Day and others are called Ripple Thoughts Of The Day.  You can check them out by looking for me on Twitter - my handle is @Rippleon.

Anyway, I was looking through Twitter and found a post referencing a recent Ripple Thought Of The Day I had written - ironically, one of my favorites too!  Apparently it had inspired one my followers to write a BLOG post which was both inspiring and thought provoking.  That second can really last a lifetime.

I met Karen Putz through Twitter a few months ago and since then I have enjoyed reading her Tweets, BLOG posts and getting to know her.  Karen is an amazing women with a very intriguing story that I encourage to learn about.  Look for her on Twitter and start reading her incredible BLOG.  Her handle is @deafmom and her BLOG is http://www.deafmomworld.com

Trust me, you will be both humored and inspired by this amazing woman.  There is no doubt she is a Rippler to nth degree and I am truly fortunate to call her a friend.

Oh and I almost forgot, here's a link to the BLOG post that my Ripple Thought Of The Day inspired (can you tell I am honored!): http://deafmomworld.com/the-second-that-lasts-a-lifetime/

Ripple On!!!


Karen Putz said...

Thank you for this beautiful post, Steve. Here's to many more ripples ahead!


Ann W. said...

Steve you are always so inspiring. I don't write BLOG posts but I do put your thoughts, actions and ideas into action.

Ripple On Steve Harper. Ripple On!