Friday, September 10, 2010


I want to be a world-renowned speaker.

I want to sell millions of copies of my books (which means I need to write more than one!)

I want to be known as the guy that made connecting cool.

I want to make the power of Rippling a top of mind concept around the world.

I want to make enough money that the work that I do is out of enjoyment - not necessity.

I want to be a good father.

I want to be a good husband.

I want to take my almost 76 year old father to Germany for a beer and braut.  Okay lots of beer.

I want...
I want...
I want...

We all have wants.  I am sure if you happened to be sitting across the desk from me as I write this you too would come up with a clear concise list of your own wants.  You know you have them, those things you would really like to have, really like to own or really like to experience.

Unfortunately we are all good at putting those wants out there but so few of us are good at actually obtaining what it is that we desire.  We lack that burning motivation that drives us to take whatever  necessary in order for us to see our wants fulfilled.

Why is that?  Well in my opinion, our want is missing a key ingredient necessary to see that it moves from a want to a have: effort.

Perhaps we associate the effort needed to fulfill our want is too difficult.  Perhaps we sense that the effort necessary will take too long.  Perhaps the effort we need to take will make us do things that will take us our of our comfort zone.  Perhaps in the end we have no idea where to even begin so putting no effort forth seems like a more logical and comfortable choice.

Wake up people!  Your life isn't getting longer it's getting shorter.  Those wants that you have aren't going to happen unless you put the necessary steps in motion to make them happen.  And that's something you have to do every day!

If your want is that important to you then by God you'll find a way to put some level of effort towards it every day until you see it fulfilled.  Is it hard?  Absolutely.  Will it seem like your effort is like pushing a million pound boulder up a steep mountain?  Sometimes  Will you become frustrated with your lack of progress?  Probably.  Will you want to give up?  I am sure.  Will you wish you didn't have this burning hunger for your want in the pit of your belly driving you like a relentless task bastard?  More than likely.

Your want becomes reality when you fuel it with your desire, hunger and motivation to obtain it.  And in the end that's what separates the doers from the wishy washy wanters of the world.  You know those losers who will cry, bitch and moan when they see other people stealing (in our world known as achieving but hey, let them use their own description if they so choose) their wants.

Don't sit on the sidelines and be one of those people!  Your want requires you stand up and take action right now.  Time to put your effort in gear and get your ass moving.  You have a want to fulfill so my friend, go make is so.

Ripple On!!!

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Ann said...

You are preaching to the choir my friend. Change can be very hard, so can reaching for dreams. I have done both and am here to say anyone can do anything they put their mind to do.

Thanks for being your thought provoking self!