Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ripple Rewind: Does My But Make My Excuses Look Big?

Originally posted June 24, 2008 but (pardon the pun) still today!

Is your but holding you back?

Is your but so big that it won't let you accomplish what you need and want to accomplish?

Is your but forcing you to sit on the sidelines while others are out there playing in the game of life?

Does your but make your excuses look big?

Here's a word of advice......

Nothing good comes from a but. Nothing!

Simply put....

Buts stink!

Buts make us look lame.

Buts by and large try and dominate the head.

Buts are notorious for overriding the heart.

Buts are the reason things don't get accomplished.

Buts keep many of us from taking that leap of faith.

Buts, by design, keep us down.

Buts can suck the will out of the most well intended person.

Big buts - little buts no matter...a but is a but. Whenever you find one you will find a horrible trail of excuses as to why something can't be done or why this or that can't be accomplished. We've all experienced the stench of the "but" excuse and its one of the most vile we can encounter. For many of us they come out of no where and attack without provocation. There is no doubt the but is a dangerous and callous preventer of goodness.

So why do we use our but so often? Because on the surface it makes it okay to give up or to never try. A but wants your attention squarely focused on the alternative of why something can't happen. It loves to be used conveniently as a the scape goat and actually smiles (vertically or horizontally take your pick) each time it wins and beats down your confidence.

However, (but's dreaded good looking cousin of a word) there is hope. Buts are powerless when you simply fail to use them. That's right...remove the word but from your vocabulary and the convenient excuse sentences that usually follow simply cease to exist. The but and its gang of wordy excuses simply disappear.

Quit giving your but ultimate power and suddenly your excuses drop off and things start to get accomplished.

No ifs ands or buts about it!

Ripple On!!!

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