Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Reasons You Should Let Your Employees Watch World Cup Soccer

1. They can get all of their hooliganish behavior out in 90 minutes instead of all day.
2. They need somewhere to wear that soccer jersey where people won't laugh at them.
3. Your other employees don't have to debate the one guy on staff who says NFL is not really "real football."
4. They can drink beer at the pub instead of sneaking it into the office.
5. You save your companies Internet bandwidth by them not streaming games to their desktops.
6. Their bookie is more likely to show up looking for them at the pub rather than the office.
7. You won't have to worry about them bringing in their own vuvuzelas in retaliation.
8. Aside from your excellent leadership, soccer may be all they have.
9. A pouting distracted soccer fan is a worthless, unproductive employee.
10. The USA is still in...hell has frozen over and pigs are flying, why not let them watch.  (The US team won't be in it for much longer and then you can lock them back in their cubicle.

Seriously the World Cup only happens every four years and it's an excellent opportunity to gather up the team, take a few hours off and go watch some of the world's best soccer players throw themselves down with such dramatics that they should all be up for this year's Oscar.  The games are an excellent way as a leader to find common ground amongst your entire team.  A special memorable bond occurs when you can unite the entire office behind a team (Go USA!) and collectively watching them win or lose.  Forget team building this is far more productive and timely!

And you may just be surprised at what a little World Cup Soccer does for employee morale.  At minimum you give the one guy in the office who really loves soccer a chance to shine amongst his peers with his knowledge "of the pitch" and that can't be such a bad thing can it?

After all, football season starts in a little over two months and he'll be closeted back to obscurity when the American Football pundits in the office start pontificating again.

Ripple On!!!


Scrumhalf Connection said...

Excellent post Steve!

Cya at the pub!

Carolle said...

I am not a soccer fan but as a call center manager who formerly worked in Canada four years ago, we brought in big screen televisions so the employees could watch the game from their desks. It won a ton of goodwill from the employees and we didn’t have an entire office calling in sick (which most of them would have done!) We couldn’t take them to the pub but it was the next best thing.
Thanks for pointing out the obvious.