Monday, May 17, 2010

Tea Bags, Conversation & A Little Faith - Part 3

The next few days of the conference flew by.  Each day at lunch Kay and Phyllis would meet at the WOW Tea Company to grab one of Jimmy's amazing blends, eat a quick bite (he was quite a sandwhich artist as it turned out!) and share what they had both learned from their morning sessions which they had agreed to attend separately.  That way they could expand what they were both learning.  Then they would plan which afternoon sessions they would attend together and most importantly talk about where they were going to go for dinner. 

In just a few short days - they had become good friends.

One evening after they finished a yummy meal from a local cafe and had grabbed a to-go cup of amazing tea from Jimmy, they walked in the park not far from the conference center.  "Phyllis how in the world did we become such great friends in such a short period of time?  I mean I barely knew you four days ago and now I feel like I've known you my entire life.  Isn't that strange?"

"Hmm not in my world," Kay said.  "You see sometimes you just have to have faith that life works out the way it's supposed to.  I really believe that!"  Kay wrapped her arm around her new friend.  "Life brings us the people we are supposed to meet and get to know and sometimes you just have to have faith when they show up and take the chance and celebrate the surprise life is indeed giving you.  I knew immediately from the first time I laid eyes on you we were destined to meet and so no Phyllis, life isn't strange; it's just plain amazing."

"Well Ms. Kay I am so glad I asked you where you got your coffee," Phyllis said with a laugh and they both busted up laughing at the inside joke.

"Me too.  Me too!"

They continued down the path in the park as the sun faded and the first stars of the evening began to appear.  The path they were on not only led them through the park but appropriately symbolized the journey and the path their friendship would take through the rest of their lives.

What can we learn from Phyllis and Kay?

A stranger may not necessarily be a stranger but one of life's little surprises just waiting to be unwrapped.

Taking a chance to engage someone new takes such a little investment of time and effort but holds such possibility of spectacular return on that investment so why not take a chance?

We can stay in our shell and attend a conference alone or, we can seek out people to engage with and to have real conversations about what we are seeing, hearing, learning and feeling. Getting that conversation kicked off may be as easy as asking someone where they "got that cup of coffee."

Life is a journey and it's one so much better suited to be taken with friends.

Ripple On!!!

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