Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Do The Blah Blah Blah

One of the things I try not to do is bore you stuff that doesn't motivate or inspire you to leverage the power of The Ripple for your life or career.  To me sharing mindless BLOG posts for the sake of putting something out there every few days doesn't seem right.  In fact it seems downright pointless to me.  As if you need some uninspired words from me to add to the endless noise you already face every day right?

So for you...I try desperately to avoid the blah blah blah because it doesn't add anything of value to our ongoing conversation. 

Because I awoke with this on my mind today it got me thinking about the blah blah blah that occurs between our connections and how detrimental that can be building a solid relationship with someone.  Just like you wouldn't want to read a bunch of uninteresting pontifications from the Ripple Man, your connections don't want to just hear you blather on and on whenever you engage with them.  Attention, especially these days, is so hard to get so you want to make sure you maximizing the opportunity to deepen and strengthen the relationships you are building.

So how do you do that exactly?

Don't talk about things that are only interesting to you.  Remember others bore quickly.

Keep up to date on the news, current events, latest books, etc.  - always have a conversation topic that would is appropriate and engaging to keep your conversation with others fresh and interesting.

Focus on things that engage and inspire quality back and forth conversation.  I am sure your Aunt Edna's laser hair removal is fascinating for you but for others not so much!

Interject humor when and where you can.  A humorous story, analogy or engaging example that makes people laugh and smile always keeps people engaged in your conversation.

Have a plan when you meet, speak or engage (online or otherwise) with others.  Even a simple game plan like I want to be sure to bring up X when we speak next can help keep a conversation from falling flat or worse...right off the track.

The blah blah blah occurs when neither party has the forethought to insure that the time spent together (whether in person or not) is more than just sitting around bs'ing.   In today's overwhelming and noisy world we need to seek out and capture other people's attention in order to learn more about them and having a plan to insure the blah blah blah doesn't take over is critical. 

Leave the blah blah blah for your buddies on Saturday night and focus on really connecting and engaging with other people you are still building a connection and hopefully a relationship with.  Be that guy or girl and people will be coming out of the woodwork to spend time with you because you are just so much better to talk to than the rest of the herd.

Ripple On!!!

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