Thursday, April 08, 2010

Come Out and Ripple

BREAKING NEWS from Ripple Headquarters!

We've scheduled our next 8 Minute Ripple Connection Event for April 21st from 6:30-8:45PM. If you are in Austin I hope you will make the time and come on out and enjoy an evening of real connection and engagement.  This ain't your typical networking event let me assure you!

Just yesterday I was speaking to someone who had be referred to me and the topic of my Ripple events came up.  Apparently this gentleman's good friend and former manager had attended a previous 8 Minute Ripple and has raved about it ever since.  Despite her apparent enthusiasm I could still see he was suspect so I proceeded to tell him why I am so passionate about the concept.  I figured maybe that message should be shared with you as well.

My passion for creating this concept of The 8 Minute Ripple was born out of my own frustration with traditional networking events.  I had grown frustrated with the lack of authenticity I often found at networking functions.  To me the process had become more about passing out business cards and spouting well rehearsed 30 second elevator speeches than really discovering people I wanted to get to know much less do business with.  For me the process just wasn't working and I wanted something more.

So I decided to turn the entire processing of networking on it's ear.  At a Ripple event it wasn't going to be about the business card or the quippy introduction.  In fact those two things are outlawed at an 8 Minute Ripple.  No we've replaced the uncomfortableness of working a room just to meet people with a warm and inviting conversation amongst friends.  We've created two distinct exercises that by design get people talking, laughing and getting to know one another in a manner that you would never expect at a "networking function."

To me the 8 Minute Ripple is about humanizing the process of connecting and giving people ideas and strategies for continuing to Ripple well beyond the evening's festivities.  I've had more people than I can count remark how learning to apply the Ripple of connection to their lives has transformed their personal and professional network in a way they didn't think possible. 

As I continued to speak about why I was so excited about the process of Rippling I could see that some of my excitement was beginning to rub off on him. He recalled a few stories of networking events that had gone horribly wrong and how it had left him feeling less than enthusiastic about, as he called it, "the process."  In fact had it not been for trying to build a better network which he knew he clearly needed, he wouldn't put himself through the pain of networking at all.

I told him like I would tell you, the process of Rippling is a completely different approach to discovering, engaging and connecting with the people you most want to bring into your inner circle.  It's not for everyone, power networkers tend to hate the process, and that's okay.   But if you've ever wanted to leave an event knowing more about the people you've just met and quite frankly knowing more about yourself as well, then The 8 Minute Ripple is absolutely something you should check out.

So if you are anywhere near Austin I hope you will consider joining us on April 21st.  It will be an evening to remember I promise or your money back!  How's that for confidence?

Early bird registration is open now at


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found this site through a random link on someone else's Facebook page, and I'm curious. I've spent a little time poking around the site but I'm a little confused about the types of people who generally attend these events. I've been interested in pursuing a freelance writing career but I'm really not sure how to go about the networking aspect of it, and this seems like a fun opportunity to that end. But there's so much talk about "business" in your promotional video, etc., and I'm not exactly sure what "business" applies here. How can I get some more specific information to find out if this is the right kind of event for me, specifically?

Thanks so much!

Steve Harper aka Mr. Ripple said...

Bejewell - call me at 512-577-3700 and I will be happy to chat with you about it. Trust me the Ripple is an experience that I think you will enjoy. Give me a buzz and we'll chat!