Monday, March 08, 2010

Ripple Rewind: And The Oscar Goes To

Originally published on March 6, 2006 and just as relevant today.

I am in a category with four other fierce competitors. Their work has been fantastic. They are legends in many people's minds. How could I ever compare? Oh the anticipation, the excitement, THE STRESS!!! My heart is beating so hard that I can't even hear what the presenter is saying but I know we are getting close. I see the envelope! Oh my, I never in a million years thought this would be so difficult. The waiting...the hoping....the pure ecstasy I  know I will feel when they call my name.

Ummm wait....the presenter is opening the envelope now. Come on, come's only paper. Open the dang thing! Oh my gosh...don't start making jokes.....This is no time for jokes! Who won? Say it! Say it!

What? What did she say? I couldn't hear. Did I win? Did I win?

I found myself doing a little day dreaming last night during the Academy Awards running through this exact scenario in my mind's eye. Thinking to myself just for one night how an average everyday actor could ascend to "legend" with just a few simple words..."And the Oscar goes to..."

I found myself being a little jealous. I admit it. How great would it feel to win? How wonderful it must be to be recognized for your work. Too bad they don't have awards that compare to that for us average folk who are simply in business. I went to bed wishing....

Around 2:30AM I awoke. As has been the custom when something big is happening in my life or something I am stressing about is really bothering me....I wake up in the middle of the night affixed on some aspect of my dilemma or with an answer I have been searching for.

Last night it was Oscar.

Suddenly I was awoken from my slumber with an unbelievable sense of clarity. I know I am never likely going to make it to Hollywood which will make it increasingly more difficult to ever make it on the stage at the Oscars. For some reason at 2:30AM that was okay. It dawned on me that the anticipation of Oscar night already happens and I generally I don't have to wait for it to come around every year. It happens every time I put a proposal out, work with a client or make a speech. When I pour my heart and soul into my work and I am awaiting that elusive "yes" or "thank you!" Or perhaps it's those times I really lay it on the line for my team and they know it. Or it just might be that "pat on the back" and the wink of an eye when the boss says "great job!"

For those of us in business....those are our OSCAR MOMENTS! True it might be more difficult to recognize them when they happen because you may not be on stage in your finest of clothes, there is no spotlight or glitzy background behind you...only the moment. The moment when you get recognized for the effort you put forth. When you think about it...that's every bit as satisfying and rewarding as holding a little gold statue.

True People Magazine won't be interviewing us following our "moment" and Joan and Melissa (the most annoying women on the planet) won't be making fun of our tie or mini skirts. Somehow that's okay....somehow that doesn't even really matter.

We have our Oscar moments each and every day. It's what we make of them and take from them that make us the real stars!

Today is Monday....a new day of a new week. Who will be holding the envelope for you this week? What will you say or do when they excitedly announce your name as the winner! Remember...for us in business, our spotlight is always on and it's up to you just how bright and wide it shines!

Ripple On My Friends!!!

Steve Harper

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