Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Let That Moment Pass You By

Often in the hustle and bustle of life we often fail to really recognize those who go the extra mile for us. 

That good deed someone does for us unexpectedly. 
That great door that they've opened to a connection we really needed. 
That awesome bit of advice only they could give. 
The support, encouragement and the kick in the pants exactly when we most need to have it.

Sure we may say "thanks."  Sure we tell them "we appreciate" them.  Sure we say the words but do we really stop and recognize what they've done for us?  Do we really feel the magnitude of what they've done?  Because...that's when the real emotion of appreciation is at it's purest and most honest.

I know what you're thinking....But Steve what else can I do? pledge my undying love and appreciation for the person?   

Sure...why not!  What's wrong with that?

When someone does something super special, or heck maybe not even super special but special to you, a good Rippler stops, thinks, appreciates and....wait for it.....communicates what they are feeling  right then and there!  They don't let that moment pass them by.

Maybe it's giving a hug to the person. 
Maybe it's sitting down and writing a quick handwritten note to the person.
Maybe it's picking up the phone to say how much you appreciate having them in your life.
Maybe its just dropping a quick email to them to tell them how blessed you are to have them looking out for you.

When someone does something over and above the call of duty for you should take the time to realize the Ripples they've created on your behalf and do something extra ordinary to thank them.  More than just saying thank you that is. Show them your appreciation, tell them what's on your mind and don't be afraid to share what's in your heart. Be the genuine, caring and amazing person that you are.  After all, that's likely why they did what they did for you in the first place.

I'm just saying....think about it.

No better something about it.

And always....Ripple On!!!

P.S. This BLOG is dedicated to a few people who've done some extra ordinary things and created some great Ripples for me this past week.  Carlon, Brad, Robin, Kristin, Jennifer and Suzanne!


Anonymous said...

Great reminder.


Tom Magness said...

Let me use this forum to say thanks to you for what you have done to help me! You are a great friend and I appreciate all you do. You live out the things you say and I have benefitted from your friendship! Keep Rippling! Hooah!