Thursday, February 18, 2010

Drinking From Their Well

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine, Carlon Hass.  We speak nearly every week and hatch our plans to take over the world.  We end up shooting the bull more than anything but that's usually when something significant takes place.  It might be a simple thought that suddenly gets spun into a full blow idea.  We usually debate, discuss and pontificate on it and more often than not, something significant is suddenly born.  A full on "something" that wasn't anything before we spoke.

I won't say Carlon is my inspiration muse because his bald head is big enough and I know he reads this BLOG. What I will say is the guy gets me and no matter what the topic, business or otherwise, we find something significant to chew on and my day is usually way way because of it.  For that I am so grateful for his support, his friendship and most of all for believing in a guy like me.

We all need people in our lives who inspire and motivate us.  We need those powerful people who keep us from being average and drive us to want to do and be more.  I am fortunate because I have so many people like Carlon in my life and at any given time and at any given hour I can pick up the phone and drop myself smack down into their inspiration, creativity, motivation, kick me in the ass, holy cow well of goodness!  I consume their scintillating morsels of "whatever they give me" and let their wisdom rub off and help me.

That's the beauty of building real connections with real people, they welcome and invite you to drink from their well of goodness.  And when you are having a bad day, stuck on an idea, mad at the boss or whatever, nothing in the world tastes better!

So who let's you drink from their well?  Who do you have that is simply a phone call, email or coffee chat away from a good conversation, great ideas and a bucket full of support for whatever it is that's important to you?

You know they're out there.- ust got to Ripple yourself to them.  Oh and probably goes without saying but I'll say it anyway....

They need you just as must you may need them.  So let them know your well is open for business too!

Ripple On!!!


Carlon Haas said...

Thanks, buddy.

This head has plenty of room to grow, Steve. So, please don't worry about that:)

The feeling's mutual. Your support and your promise to hold me accountable for blogging is the whole reason "Don't Step in the Poop" got going.

Being around people who motivate you, inspire you, and challenge you makes life deeper and richer.

CJ said...
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CJ Romberger said...

I've gotta find my sunglasses! The shining light off Carlon's now larger head is so bright I've forgotten all about how grey it is outside. :)

You're right about the amazing part of our lives a connection like that can be.

I have several incredible friends like that. One particular friend, Kris, is my version of Carlon. (Only without the bald head and poop rhetoric. :) Her and I talk once a week. If I need her more, she's there. And she's REALLY there. We talk about what we've got going on, what we need help with, and what we're celebrating.

We're really THERE for each other. I'm so humbled and grateful that I have her in my life.

Meeting her happened the same way I met you. I saw someone I could just tell was genuine and special. You each touched me without knowing it, and I reached out to tell you how much I appreciated just being in your company.

The Ripple in my life from both you and her has been extraordinary.

She's started an incredible business called Choose People, and your amazing endeavors with Ripple Effect are making a difference to many more people than you know.

People like Carlon and people like Kris help us soar in ways we didn't know we could, even when sometimes we start off stepping in Poop.

I encourage ANYONE who reads Steve's blog here to reach out to one person who just makes you smile, and set up a weekly blab. Even if it's a b.s. session like Steve's talking about here, at least you'll get off the phone smiling.

Woot to you for writing this blog, Steve. And Woot to you, too, Carlon, for helping Steve recognize and avoid the Poop.

Carlon Haas said...

Now you're making me blush, CJ:)
May the light from my increasingly-growing head shine down on you:)