Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Miss The Need In Casual Conversation

The need arose in casual conversation.  In fact it was one of those comments that if you hadn't been paying attention (as many of us are prone to do) you would have likely missed it.  Someone needed something from someone, a comment that on the surface seemed so trivial and mundane.  To you perhaps but to them their need was far from trivial.  In fact it was downright critical, although maybe they did their best not to so show it.

These situations happen all the time.  Whether its a friend who says their "thinking" about looking for another job or how they need to meet so and so or simply how they need a little nudge one way or another to simply need you to offer up an opinion on this or that.  These situations are things that come up in real conversation and can be misconstrued as simply that...conversation.

In order to be a good connector you have to tune your ears appropriately and not just listen to someone but really hear what they are saying.  It's in those casual conversation moments that people often let their guard down and reveal golden morsels of information about themselves, their needs, their hopes and of course their fears.  That's when it's gut check time for you my friend.  That's when life is trying to tell you something like your in this person's life to do more than just listen.  You are there to help.

So next time you find yourself immersed in casual conversation with someone, listen deeper, hear more and find a way to take action and create a Ripple for that person when and where you can.  They may not exactly say it at the time but they need you so don't let them down.

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