Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sandia High School Reunion

I received the first notification about this year's high school reunion about a year ago. I didn't pay it any attention at all because honestly I wasn't giving it a second thought about attending. You see I didn't much care for high school. It was painful for me in a lot of ways. I was one of those too eager to grow up and get on with my life to enjoy the high school ride as much as I should have. The byproduct of having much older siblings I suppose.

Couple my eagerness to get high school over with my being debilitatingly shy and introverted, my impression of those years were not something I admittedly wanted to reminisce about twenty years later.

But then something happened....actually two distinct things happend.

About a year ago I started receiving friend requests on Facebook from people that went to Sandia High School with me. I remember reluctantly accepting them because many of the friend requests were coming from people I didn't know all that well in high school. Although we may not have all been the best of buds back then, I started using what I teach and really began to get to know who some of these people where today as opposed to who I thought they may have been way back yonder. I discovered some really cool people along the way.

Yet I still wasn't considering coming back home to Albuquerque for the reunion.

The other thing that happened was mom passed away in late June. I was ill-prepared for the overwhelming amount of support, prayers and thoughtfulness I received from the people in my high school class. I received cards, Facebook wall posts and many emails letting me know that my family and I were being thought of. It was quite amazing!

It was at Mom's funeral that I decided that I wouldn't miss the reunion.

The outpouring of affection by people was truly humbling. Although I haven't seen many of these people in twenty years I realized pretty quickly they are all undoubtedly family. We are the Sandia Matadors Class of 1989 and no matter where we are in the world, we are forever linked with one another.

I for one look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones. I guess in the end for a guy who is all about connection, the thought of not going to something like this seems truly ironic. So glad that my high school friends reminded me of who I am and where I come from.

Ripple On!!!

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Michelle Marshall Snow said...

You know Steve, I truly don't remember you that way in high school. You were a very warm, funny, very confident guy. You always made me laugh and smile. I remember going to watch you play tennis at the Academy and just great talks and hanging out. So who you are today, is really who I remember from 20 years ago. What you said about family is so very very true. We are a huge family, I just wish I had not made the decision to miss this weekend. I definitely won't make that mistake at the 25th reunion. Keep up the great work and never ever change from the amazing guy I knew for the last 22 years.