Monday, July 20, 2009

Hard To Disconnect - Even On Vacation

As I sit here on the back porch of a majestic cabin in Estes Park, Colorado I feel totally relaxed and happy. My family is having a blast up here as we do a little hiking, a lot of fishing and a whole bunch of just chilling.

I've tried to leave the laptop alone as much as possible though with wireless access available right here in the cabin it's been hard. Very hard. I realized on this trip how addicted I am to being plugged in. That's not necessarily a good thing. In fact with new Apps on my iPhone which make it seamless to post new Tweets or updates to my Facebook page, I've felt like I haven't completely unplugged since I got here.

Perhaps it would have been easier to just leave my MacBook Pro at home but then I wouldn't have gotten any writing done. It might have been a good idea to leave the iPhone in my backpack but then I would have missed an important call about a speaking opportunity for a conference. I might have updated my Twitter and Facebook connections and said something like, "Hey folks don't expect to hear from me for a while...I'm on vacation" but I don't think either of us would believe it.

I've come to realize that I am truly a product of the technology generation. Getting unplugged is hard to do though admittedly checking my email or updating my Ripple Actions Of The Day on Twitter haven't been a huge priority. I've managed to take longer and longer breaks from being connected to anywhere but the here and now which has been a blessing in disguise. My family is more appreciative and the scenery and side adventures have recharged my batteries and stimulated my curiosity and creativity way more than expected. But alas, being disconnected completely hasn't been easy to do and although I get the occasional role of the eyes from the wife, it hasn't been too big of a problem. Of course she might disagree if we asked her so let's not!

Well I am off to spend a few hours in the cold Colorado river waters, wetting a line and waiting for a fish to fancy my fly. Don't worry I always put them back after I yank the living bejezus out of them.

I think I'll leave the laptop and the iPhone in the cabin.

In case your are interested in see just want is inspiring me while I am in Colorado here are some pictures from the trip so far.

Ripple On!!!

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