Monday, September 29, 2008

Virtual Connection Becomes Realty

I spent Friday night connecting with a good friend and colleague that up until now I have only met virtually. Donna Karlin, Fast Company writer, executive and political coach and BLOGGER extraordinaire was in town for the MYOB Conference presented by HOW Magazine. What made this extra special was Donna resides in Ottawa, Canada and this was the first time she or I have been remotely near the same location to have the chance to meet. She graciously made time to meet me and a colleague for dinner so we could "officially meet" and swap stories.

The conference was being held just outside of Austin at the beautiful Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. Though the drive out there was pleasant I was anxious and a little nervous to meet this woman in person. Donna has accomplished so much in her career developing some of Canada's most influential executive and political leadership. She is what we would call her here in the states - a mover and shaker. I tend to shake more than I move.

From the moment I saw Donna in the lobby my nervousness immediately subsided. With a hearty smile and a reciprocated big bear hug (customary for us down here in Texas), all of the feelings of inadequacy melted away. You see not only have I been a fan and admirer of Donna for some time, she has been a huge fan and supporter of the Ripple as well. Something that gives me more pride and confidence than you could possibly imagine.

As we enjoyed a fabulous meal and a great bottle of wine, I had the opportunity to see why I had been so drawn to Donna in the first place. She is such a genuine and straightforward person that I found myself on more than one occasion wishing we lived closer. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and it is so obvious why so many organizations around the world call upon her to right their wrongs.

After an evening of great conversation and lots and lots of laughs I felt sad that our time had to end. As I drove home with my colleague Prince, my mind kept mulling over how amazing it was to actually make a real face to face connection with someone whom I've only corresponded with via email and the occasional catch-up phone calls. The simple fact our meeting came to fruition is such a testament to what I speak about in my book. Connecting truly is one of the most amazing things one can do with their life. I am proof positive of that. My life if brimming full of incredible connections like Donna because I took the time to make them and I am much richer in so many ways because of them.

Thank you Ms. Donna Karlin for taking the time to track down your "Prime Minister of the South." I welcome you back to Austin anytime and hopefully for a much longer visit - this time so you can meet the family.

Feeling incredible as I start this Monday and I have Donna and her get out there and create it mindset to thank for that! And yes Donna, that is a fact - not an assumption! (SMILE!!!)

To check out Donna's website please click here!

Ripple On!!!


jag said...

What a great connection! Y'know, it was through Donna's web site that I "met" you... I've never met Donna in person (and she lives right here in Ottawa!), but I am grateful to her for creating the ripple that brought me here.

Have a great Tuesday,

Steve Harper said...


I had forgotten about that! How cool is that?

Ripple On My Friend!!!