Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bail Out Stress - Good Time To Reset

Shortly after President Bush spoke last night I received an email from my financial adviser Ed Valle. It was a personal message explaining exactly what the turbulent market might mean to our portfolio and a reassurance that we are in a position to weather the storm (though we have certainly lost some shingles along the way). It was good to hear from him, especially since my wife had just minutes earlier insisted I call him today to make sure I understand exactly what the ramifications of what is occurring ultimately will mean to us.

We aren't a big client by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I am pretty sure that I am Ed's smallest client. It was through a strong relationship with a business colleague that I met Ed. I instantly liked him and we became friends - long before I invested a dime with him. I sold my business in 2004 and after I paid my former partner a strong return on his initial investment, satisfied a bank load, paid Uncle Sam his huge portion I was left with just enough return on all my blood sweat and many sleepless nights to have a small (very small) nest egg. Ed didn't care how big or small the amount was - he just wanted to help.

I had grand plans when I sold my company. I would write this book. People and companies would learn about it bring me in and pay me big bucks for me to profess the importance of incorporating the Ripple into their lives and business operations. I secretly hoped I would find overnight success and be the next "big thing." Well my friends the road to unlimited success has been slower going than I had hoped and it is often filled with the occasional unforeseen potholes and detours life feels obliged to throw at you.

But Ed never gave up on me. As I continue to make progress and yes there is no doubt the Ripple is progressing, Ed stands guard back at the old ranch cheering me on guarding my little nest egg. He proudly watches this little engine that could - slowly show why he can and will.

Ed didn't have to take the time to shoot me an email last night, surely he has bigger fish to fry, but he did. That simple communication put a lot of the stress and worries in the proper perspective for me. Today I feel a lot more confident about where I stand all because Ed took the time to reach out to me. Talk about making a huge deposit in the relationship category!

Today you have the ability to go out and do the exact same thing. Your customers, employees, coworkers and vendors are all feeling the pinch. They are worried about the uncertainty of the market and what it might mean to them personally and professionally. Reach out to them and let them know that your company, your friendship, your loyalty to them is going no where. Let them know that you have whatever part of their back that you can cover, covered.

It's during these times of struggle and uncertainty that the people who need us most need to hear from us. Just give it a try and see what profound Ripples your individual actions create!

Ripple On!!!

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