Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Connection Technology Are You Using?

I get asked a lot about social networking technology and other variant applications available (Free or next to free) out there on the web.

I know what works for me and as you might suspect, I don't use many of them outside of LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo Groups, etc. For me I think I am still old school. Nothing replaces a face to face or personal approach to getting to know someone. But I do know there are tools out there that people are having successes with, likely many of which I have no idea what they are or how they are being utilized.

So it got me thinking......

What are the people who read this BLOG using? What kinds of technology are you utilizing to discover, build and strengthen your relationships out there on the virtual highway or life?

I thought it might be an interesting conversation thread to start and to see what comes out of it. I know I still have much to learn and I am certain the insight shared could benefit us all.

Hope you will consider sharing what works for you and what doesn't. Consider bringing a friend or two into the conversation and let us hear what they are using!

Look forward to learning about some of the cool stuff that I know exists but likely haven't yet discovered myself!

Ripple On!!!


DJ-RJ said...

I connect with a lot of people on MySpace, especially for music and radio promotion. I am still trying to get a feel for Facebook. I also use Flickr for my photography stuff and am checking out FriendFeed, which so far feels quite dry.

Anonymous said...

Utilizing NING recently. I noticed you started a Ripple group in there but haven't promoted it quite yet. Is that something you are going to do and hence what prompted the question?

I also use LinkedIn and a Twitter. Will look for you on both.


Shaune said...

Thanks for asking! I've spent some time recently getting comfortable with LinkedIn and it has been working well. Not a fan of Facebook. Considering MySpace for some specific interests. :)

Shaune @ BreakfastClubNetwork.com

Totally Consumed said...

I completely relate to being "old school". I use LinkedIn and Facebook mostly. I've tried Twitter, but I haven't quite caught the twitter-bug yet.

For me, time is the limiting factor. Between work, family and keeping my own blog up-to-date ... I only have time to actively participate in two social networking sites.

Brian Massey said...

I've used a virtual digital assistant called Sandy - www.iwantsandy.com - to send my self ticklers when I want to stay connected with someone. I can send an SMS message, email or use the Web. She understand colloquial english like "Remind me to ping Steve Harper in two weeks to catch up."

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Great question. I use Linked In for my professional connections and Myspace for keeping an eye on my kids.

I use a program called CommuniKate for keeping in touch with my business team. It consists of a toll free number that does Voice, Fax, Find Me, and controls my email (up to 4 accounts), acts as a PIM, will read my faxes to me over the phone, will rebroadcast my fax to any fax number I choose, will call me with reminders, has a calendar for scheduling appointments.

I have a facebook, but I don't use it, they want my money and the others don't (as much). I have a Classmates account but don't use it for much as they want payment to connect with anyone. I have a Reunion account because I was invited by an author friend of mine, but again, they want cash so I don't use it for much. I have a website, my own URL, a Palm and probably other things I'm forgetting about.

Number one is Linked In.

Great question!!


Steve Harper said...

Great insight shared by all. Thanks to one and all for commenting.

Look forward to checking out some of the services suggested like iWantSandy and CommuniKate.

Keep the suggestions and reviews coming people!

Ripple On!!!