Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ripple Formula

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Stone. Water. Action.

You throw the stone.

The stone hits the water.

The splash that the stone creates is the direct result of the action you just took.
The Ripple Effect of the water fanning out is the sometimes unpredictable result of the action.

Simple right?

For the sake of this BLOG, my book and of course the countless speeches and trainings I give all over the country the same exact formula can be applied to your life and career.

Think of someone you want to make an impact on.

What is important to them? What might they need? What are they possibly missing?

Figure out that and you have your stone.

Now take that stone and turn it into action. Create a splash and in turn a Ripple for them.

Maybe that means opening a door to a new job or new connection for them. Maybe that means helping them gain access to information that only you can provide. Maybe it as simple as buying them a cup of coffee to let them know you are there to talk if they need someone to talk to.

The Ripples we create by taking the time to create the action for others is where the unpredictable and often incredible Ripples come back to us; often in was we could never imagine or foresee.

I met a very nice young lady a few months ago as a favor to another friend of mine. My friend knew this gal was struggling with her new business and couldn't necessarily afford an executive or personal coach but knew she needed help. She knows that I am always a sucker to help a new entrepreneur in a pinch so she made the call and I agreed to a meeting.

It turns out the woman I met with had a great business but basically needed to be pushed and prodded on a few market strategies and ultimately needed a few doors opened for her (stone). I helped her validate what she was thinking in terms of strategy and took action and opened a few doors for her (action). She was incredibly grateful for the Ripples that I started for her and made some immediate inroads she likely would not to have made on her own (Ripple). She shared my philosophy with her husband who works for a major company that just so happened to be a company I wanted to get into. He was so impressed with what I had done for his wife's confidence that he wanted to learn more about what I did and how it might be applied in the work is company does. Today we are exploring ways to bring the Ripple concept into his company (Ripples extending out and returning to me).

Not all Ripples you create for others will automatically return to you but that isn't the point. The simple fact that you are willing to take the chance and create a Ripple for someone stacks a significant portion of the odds in your favor that something good will come out of your efforts. Whether that is a Ripple that buoys your personal or professional agenda or not, the simple feeling of satisfaction of helping another human being in my opinion is the ultimate reward.

Stone. Water. Action.

Are you ready to Ripple?

Well then.....Ripple On My Friends!!!

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