Monday, June 02, 2008

Imagine...Rippling Today

I happen to like the John Lennon. In fact the older I get the more appreciation I have for the powerful lyrics that John Lennon wrote for his solo efforts as well as those he wrote for The Beatles. I especially like the song Imagine and every time I hear it still brings a smile to my face and makes me think. I remember listening to that song over and over again on my parent's record player in our downstairs living room; so much so that my Mom would often retreat to her bedroom just to get away from my insistence on playing it.

I tried to imagine what John Lennon was asking from me way back when and still do to be perfectly honest. Call me a romantic but the concept of us all living as one really made an impression on me as a small kid. The imagery that the words painted within my heart made it clear that it was okay to want everyone to be included...everyone to be friends. And though I was a painfully shy kid I tried my best. After all the song asked me to right?

Recently I was asked by someone why I felt that Rippling was so important. The first word to leap from my tongue was imagine. Imagine a world of possibilities that your Ripple actions can make on others. Imagine the doors that could be opened by just taking a chance. Imagine the way you would feel when you know you did something out there to make a difference.

You might say I am dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Rippling works. Rippling makes a difference. Rippling is changing lives. Rippling is changing companies. Rippling is a way to bring us all we can work as live as one.

I hope someday you will you join us...

Ripple On!!!


Sue said...

Oh I love the way she looks at John at the end of the video. He turns to her and she gives him that "I'm so in love with you" look.

I love this song.

PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

Rippling absolutely ROCKS!!
(that's my professional opinion ***grin***)

Arlin K. Pauler said...

Take it from me, the “Elder Dude”; you have not one bit of exaggeration in your proclamation. You, I, John and so many others see that we are all cut from the same cloth. There is only one One; regardless of whether or not one sees it as so. And every day there are more of us that do.
Rippling is an invitation to everyone to “join Us” as the World becomes one in our hearts as it already is in the Universe.
I’m sure John would, dare I say does, agree with your asserted alignment with the same lineage as he; the lineage through out history of so many great contributors to the Well-Being of mankind. What an awesome bunch of folks to hang out with.
Your friend and fellow Aquarian Conspirator, Arlin.