Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reveal What You Need

I don't care who you want to accomplish something. Maybe it's getting the promotion at work or a new job altogether. Maybe it's becoming a better athlete or getting control of your weight. Maybe it's starting a new business or landing that big client. Whatever "it" is, people need and should know about.

People spend too much time fantasizing about what they want in life but often get bogged down in the details to truly take action. Revealing something you want to accomplish, earn, achieve or need to other people helps bring things from simply dreaming about it to breathable reality. The moment you publicly declare something is important to you and you need help to accomplish it....something changes. It becomes real.

What do you want out of your life. Think about it. Make a list. Dream and think big. Decide what is most important right now. Find a friend. Find a mentor. Share your goals and aspirations with your boss, spouse, kids, neighbors and BLOG readers. Then...and this is the big part...ask them to help you in some way accomplish that which you desire.

Maybe the person you are asking for help has some special ability, connection or resource to help you make substantial progress in your quest. Maybe their help comes in experience or knowledge. Or maybe their help just comes in the form of accountability - making sure you are taking necessary steps towards the achievement of something you have shared.

Bottom order to accelerate accomplishing whatever "it" is for have to reveal and share it with someone in order to make it really real. Then and only then can people take action to help you.

So let me put my money where my mouth is.....

I need help with the following:

Getting more paid speaking opportunities for corporations, conferences and workshops.
I need to gather personal stories of how and why The Ripple Effect book has helped someone.
I need to get more exposure to this blog, my website and my work.

There's mine. Now what are yours?

Ripple On!!!

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terri said...

I'll send some info to you via email that can help with getting more blog exposure.

I like this idea of publicly expressing your goals to gain support for those goals. It makes a lot of sense! I might even give it a try!