Monday, March 24, 2008

Want Job Security? Become a Utility Player

The most valuable asset to a company is an employee with a willingness to learn. Why? Because people who demonstrate a willingness to learn, to try anything new, are quite simply more involved and engaged and often more committed to the company. These people often demonstrate the ability and versatility to take on new tasks, challenges and entirely new responsibilities and become people that the company depends on in times of need or forced change. I call these employees your utility players.

Much like in sports where a player is not only good in one position but is good in many positions, utility players have their place in the workplace as well. Utility players often play pivotal roles during trying economic times with their willingness to take on more responsibilities outside their job requirements. They step up to the plate to do the heavy lifting when most others retreat into the "it's not my job" hole of mediocrity.

If you look closely, I am sure you would find many faceless and nameless people who helped many of today's major corporations breakout from obscurity and become something in the marketplace. The thing is most utility players simply do the job that they see needs to be done, not simply the one before them. They aren't in it for the glory and fame and often are the least outwardly recognizable. But these little bright stars in the vast blackness of most corporate entities are almost always the most assured to be safe when corporate layoffs take place. Let's face facts, if you're the executive having to decide who to cut during a layoff do you want to cut the man or woman that just does their job (as outlined in the job description) or do you want someone who demonstrates their willingness to do more, take on more and perhaps get their hands a little dirty along the way?

The answer is obvious.

We will tackle how you become a utility player for both your company and your clients in an upcoming BLOG post. For today, I just wanted to get you thinking about how versatile you really are in your present job and just how close or far you may be from becoming one of your company's most treasured and valued utility players.

Ripple On!!!

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