Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Fun - Good Reads

So for those of you who receive my periodic Ripple On News & Notes newsletter know that I am a veracious reader. If you aren't receiving Ripple On News & Notes when it comes out, please go to my website and sign up under the Subscribe's completely free.

Anyway, I usually highlight what I am reading, watching and listening to. It is my belief that sharing what one reads (or watches and listens to) opens up a world of connection points for others to explore further conversation and dialogue with you. I have had some amazing conversations with many of you about books I was reading or about books I should be reading.

My good friend CJ Romberger, knowing I am a big book fan invited me to participate in a website called Good Reads. Their site is at and its a unique way for you to share what you are reading and reviews on the books you have read It is also a fabulous way to for you to meet people from all over the world and gain exposure to a whole litany of great work that you likely would never know if it wasn't for some the very passionate and informative readers you will encounter along the way.

Hope you will check out their site and sign up. Shoot me an invitation to be a friend on there if you do! Though I will admit, I truly need to work on building a better list of books I have read and plan to read but look forward to playing with this unique service over the coming months and reading a lot more!

Ripple On!!!


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