Monday, February 25, 2008

Manners Will Take You Far

My youngest son Josh came home the other night armed with something for his older brother Zachary. I am not exactly sure of the circumstances as to why Josh extended this advice to his big brother (surly it was on the heels of being picked on which is the older brother/younger brother daily drama) but it was certainly something that was memorable.

"Zach Miss Dee Dee says that bad manners will take you no where. But good manners, well Zach they can take you far."

For the entire weekend we had the pleasure of Josh repeating his newly learned pearls of wisdom over and over again. But it was more than just a quote that he had learned from his amazing pre-k teacher, it was how he delivered it that continues to warm my heart this morning. He says it with absolute conviction and he means it. So much so that when he found himself being a little rude to his mom yesterday he caught himself and said sorry and then proceeded to repeat the phrase.

Though the advice likely went in one ear and out the other of his older brother, it wasn't lost on me. It just reminds me that no matter the circumstances, if there are other people around, you should always remember your manners. You just have no idea what doors your politeness might open for you.

Thanks Miss Dee Dee for creating a unbelievable Ripple for Joshua. I can assure you he has taken it to heart as have I. I hope those of you who read this will too!

Ripple On!!!


Liz said...

Great post Steve. Good manners don't cost a thing but can open doors to great jobs, great relationships, and a terrific personal brand. Keep up the great posts...I love your blog.


terri said...

Your little guy understands so well what so many adults don't get. Courtesy fosters courtesy from others. He's a mini-rippler!

Steve Harper said...

Thanks Liz! I love your BLOG too!!!

Steve Harper said...


I hope we can make both boys into mini-Ripplers! Thanks as always for stopping by and commenting.

Take care my friend.

Ripple On!!!