Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Passion Guest Blogger Post

Fellow author, Blogger and good friend Thom Singer asked me to participate in his Celebrate Passion Project and submit a guest BLOG post. I was honored to be asked and even more excited to share something that is truly a burning passion for me....helping kids reach their fullest potential by believing in themselves.

My ultimate goal is to take the Ripple concept to kids. Imagine what kind of Ripples we could create if we could plant the seeds of Rippling in the minds of our youth! Talk about a tsunami of Ripples!!! Alas...someday. Must first walk before run Grasshopper...or should I change that to Ripple Maker? Either way...you get the point right?

Anyway mosey over to Thom's BLOG and take a read and help celebrate my passion and the passions of Thom and is other inspiring contributors.

Thanks again Thom for asking me!

Ripple On!!!!


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PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

Kudos my frined!!!