Monday, November 26, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of the Week

Ripple Connection Questions are a unique way to engage people in conversation. Whether with a complete stranger or someone you already know, but want to know better, using Ripple Connection Questions (RCQ) accelerate the dialogue and deepen the connection. The questions are by design, fun to ask and fun to answer, and can take your connection to an entirely new level. Come on, break out of that shell of yours and start Rippling.

So with no further adieu....this week's question is:

There's 35 days left to go in 2007....

What do you plan to do with
the time left in this year to
insure that this year is one
of your best so far?

It's a valid and very revealing question don't you think?

So what's your answer?

What are you going to do with the next 35 gifts that you are given in 2007?

Ripple On!!!



Thom Singer said...

Great Question. Many might think that with only a month left in 2007 that the year is done. WRONG. Since opportunities come from people, we are all just one connection away from a life changing moment.

Keep up the good work, Steve-o. And congrats on being the star of this month's Entrepreneur Magazing.

Julie Nordskog said...

A-ha! I'm going to make it happen. I will tell as many people as possible about my vision for Great Communication, in any language. And I will inspire them to take strategic action! *That* will definitely make my year.

Chely Connor said...

Nice connection question. I just finished a meeting with an important prospect and used your ripple connection question and I have to be honest...I think the guy actually likes me better after asking him the question than he did before. It somehow made the process of connecting real and took the emphasis off me trying to sell him and him having to buy (or not). I think it made a difference in what may turn out to be a very profitable relationship.

Thanks for your inspiration.

Yours truly,

Chely C.

PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

To set my ego aside... in order to genuinely allow people to help me achieve success to the greatest extent possible.

Anji said...

To be honest I had no plans. this year hasn't been the greatest BUT I have learnt a lot and will make sure that I use what I learn from now on.