Friday, November 09, 2007


I just had to share some of the best advice in a song I have ever heard.

"Don't want to wait 'til tomorrow. So why put it off another day?"

I share this line and this video with you as a means to call you out. What are you putting off in your life RIGHT NOW? Why wait 'til tomorrow? Why put it off another day?

What if tomorrow never comes.

What if today is the only day you will have the chance to make it happen?

What does waiting really get you?

What will you feel like if you simply go for it now?

Don't put whatever "it" is off another day.
"Do it right here and now!"

By the way....when you see me getting ready to speak in front of thousands of people some day soon, this will be my introductory theme song. I am doing what I need to do right now to make it happen!!!

Ripple On My Friends!!!



Tom Magness said...

I'm right there with you, Steve. Great song and great message. I need to add that one to my ipod - keep me jumping out of bed in the morning and hitting the gym or pounding the pavement. I have no doubt that you will open to large crowds with that theme music. Keep rippling, my friend! Hooah!

Donna Karlin said...

So many people wait for a sign, for the right time or for direction before doing something.

My motto is "Stop waiting for direction. Just get on a path". in other words...move!

Great post Steve...