Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wish Upon a Shooting Star

The last time I remember seeing, really seeing, a shooting star was when I was six years old. We had just left my parent's friend's house from a pool party and as we drove down the street straight out the windshield there it was. It was amazing and is for some reason one of those memories that somehow always gets triggered when I look up into the night sky.

I remember my Mom telling me at the time to make a wish "because that's what you do when you see a shooting star" so I did. What I wished for at the time I couldn't tell you, probably for some more Star Wars action figures or a replacement for my Bionic Man (which we discovered during the pool party wasn't made for water) but I remember that's what you do when you see a shooting star.

This morning I was out running at about 5:30AM jamming to my IPOD and trying to get my head around some issues I am trying to resolve when it happened. Right in front of me streaking from my right to left was the most brilliant and amazing shooting star that I have ever seen. Keep in mind I have now only seen two but work with me people!

I felt this instant warmth draw over me (not just because I was sweating like a sinner in church for those of you half glassers out there). It was the most surreal feeling and I felt instantly like that six year old by again. My whole life was ahead of me and still is and this beautiful shooting star had been put squarely in my path now thirty (yikes) exact years later. It was all for me on this early morning.

My mind started racing and the excitement overcame me as I began to realize what was next. Mom's words from so long ago suddenly appeared in my ears like a whisper brought to me on the subtle summer morning breeze. "Make a wish." A smile came from way deep down and I silently said thank you Mom.

I decided to share my wish with you my good readers because I have thoroughly researched this and found that wishes shared after you blow out the candles don't come true. However, according to section 8.3 Section A of the Big Dreams Handbook (a made up title I just came up with for effect) sharing a wish after a shooting star is completely exempt and therefore truly permissible under Big Dream law.

So here's my wish....

I want to be well known enough that when I talk about the power of the Ripple that people not only want to hear what I have to say but are motivated to want to actually integrate the Ripple into their personal and professional lives.

Maybe by sharing it someone or something out there can help me make it come true.
One thing is for certain, I know that glorious shooting star was there for a reason. Whatever it was, I am grateful that I got to see it. I hope I don't have to wait another thirty years because something that incredible is just too cool to not see more frequently.

Have a fantastic day my friends!

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper


Rami said...

You are already well known my friend. Unfortunately some of us just don’t want to know what really “Ripple Effect” can do for us. I am a big fan of you and as long as you have me, I make sure to tell all people about the power of Ripple. It is a fact. If you apply it and it doesn’t matter in your personal or professional life, it will work. I just give you an example:
Steve Harper -->Rami Jahedi --->West Romberger -->Prince Rahman
And this will go on until you kick me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my friend. oh ! but wait. now I know how it works so it doesn't matter!

Ripple On
your friend
Rami jahedi

Liberty said...

I really like your blog today, although I cant believe you have only seen two shooting stars your whole life…you live in Texas, Steve!!!!!! Get just outside of Austin and sky is YOURS. When Josh and I moved my parents from San Diego to Austin in November, we had to rent an RV to drive my parents and their ZOO of animals (cat, dog, two parrots, two turtles, and…fish) as well as plants that wouldn’t survive a moving van. Oh yes, there we all were. Poor Josh drove the whole time because there was no way in H_ _ _ I, nor my parents would attempt it, and there was definitely no sleep to be had. So the two nights we spent on the road (Thanksgiving) were spent looking through the sunroof, or stopping at a Flying J to stretch out. Looking up was incredible. Whether we were just outside of Tucson or in West Texas, away from city lights was all that mattered. In fact, in Texas it was the best view of all. Millions upon millions of stars fill the sky each night, Steve…and if you see LESS than 5-10 shooting stars for as long as you can watch the night sky, you’ve had a pretty lame night of stargazing. I had many wishes over those few days, and before leaving for that trip I had dreaded it, but now when I look back at that time stuffed in an RV with all that I listed above rank very high on my fondest memories list. You need to make a point of looking toward that sky more often, the stars tell us many stories of the past and future.

terri said...

How incredible that you got to witness a shooting star! And thank you for sharing it with all of us. I love how you are able to take an experience like this, connect it to past experiences and share it in such a way with everone else that we can learn from it. But, that's what you are all about, isn't it? Inspirational!

MagnumVox said...

My friend... you have my 100% whole-hearted support in making that dream come true. And it is such a noble and worthy dream... for what you do is such a fine example of one-and-all rising together. There is every reason we can all achieve success (however we choose to define it for ourselves) to the greatest extent possible.

Marjie said...

Wow, I don't remember seeing an actual shooting star, nor remember wishing on one, but I do wish quite often on the "first stars". You know, the first star that appears in the sky at night (by the way, what does the handbook say about it?) :)! I'm glad you had this wonderful experiene!

May your lovely wish comes true my friend. All my wishes and prayers goes out for your best !

Steve Harper said...

Thank you Rami, Liberty, Terri, Prince & Marjie. You all are soooo awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

I am so lucky to have people like you in my life. Both in person and virtually! :-)

Ripple On!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw the same one and have this bliss that nothing but glee can replace wish or not i could go for this overwhelming jolt of happiness every morning. Of course it wouldn't be as wonderful. Seriously i needed that right when it happened and don't want to loose this feeling of self, love and surroundings.my wish I can share but I'll wait til it comes true, then check back to share.