Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun - Things You Never Want to Hear Lindsay Lohan Say About Your Book

1. "Dude Paris said one of her cell mates gave her a copy in jail and it changed her life. I think it might have been Phil Spector. I think it worked for him too....his hair is soooo much better."

2. "Damn this book is a like a real book with words and stuff. The way Britney talked about it I thought it was a pop up book."

3. Well I was going to buy The Secret because I hear it's hot but Amazon had this Ripple Effect book on clearance and you know I gotta watch the dollars since the vodka endorsement deal kinda fell through."

4. "The Ripple Effect is so thin it sort of reminds me of myself. Plus...and this is huge! It fits perfectly between my ankle and my rehab monitoring device."

5. "Crap its either read this to get my life on track or go on Dr. Phil."

6. "You know I heard Ripple Effect and I thought it was a new kind of bartenders guide or something. I have read nearly the whole damn thing and I have yet to find one recipe. Definitely not giving it four stars."

7. "I think I might get my agent to op this for my next film project. I wonder if we could fit an elephant into the script. I love elephants....especially pink ones."

8. "Dude have you seen the author? The guy is like old! I mean he is like 36 or something!"


Anonymous said...

Harper's strikes again. I love it when you mix in a little fun with the other stuff!

This stuff is funny! I thought I saw Lindsay carrying a copy of your book on Entertainment Tonight last night.



terri said...

Well, if Lindsay's reading it, I'M SO gonna read it!

Marjie said...

That's funny. However, she's so occupied with cigarrettes and alcohol, books are probably not her best must haves. I'd be intruiged by whatever she'll decide to read.

The damsel of no distress. said...

Why does everyone make so much fun of actors and actresses. ?? Is it really that of a big deal? I don't get. Do I have to be American to know??

Steve Harper said...

Damsel of No Distress,

I guess you took the tongue in cheek post a little too serious. I guess to be perfectly frank why it's easy to make fun of these kinds of "Cartoon characters" like Lindsay Lohan is because they make a spectacle of our their lives. They have more money than they could possibly spend. They get treatment that allows them to circumvent the law (though Lindsay doesn't look like she will be able to do that for much longer) and generally make themselves out to be a laughing stock with behavior like forgetting their underwear, driving drunk, doing drugs and endangering others with their reckless behavior. Of course the American public keeps buying the rags that report story after story of poor little famous rich kid (both male and female) and how society has somehow done them wrong and we should feel sorry for them.

Sorry I don't buy it.

I respect your comment and appreciate it more than you know. Trust wasn't meant to offend anyone and literally the 50 or so emails I got from people today about the humorous intent of the post tells me I struck a cord with the people who, like me, are sick of people like Lindsay Lohan.

That said...if she wants my book I am happy to send it to her and even autograph it for her! ;-)

Ripple On!!!


Thomas Magness said...


Now you're working over my people out here in LA. Brittney and Lindsay are my new neighbors. They are good people - really. Except for the bad stuff. And the bad haircuts! I'll let them read my copy. They can just read the highlighted portions! Hooah!