Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of the Week


Oh this is such a good question when you are trying to build or strengthen your connections! You learn so much about a person by asking them their own interpretation of what they are good at. You see their eyes light up and a smile sneak through as they recall their own personal memories of what they consider what they are in fact good at.

For me it is soccer. I love the sport and was a great player as a kid. My knees on the other hand weren't apparently a fan of the game and decided to hold up my professional career by stopping me dead in my tracks just as I was set to begin high school. A complete reconstruction of my ligaments in my knee left me depressed for years about missing out on playing the game I loved so much.

Until one day I decided to pick up the phone and call my local soccer league and volunteer to coach. Forget being a player, I found that I still had some skills left that my knees apparently didn't mind me showing off occasionally as a coach. And for an old guy, I could do still do some pretty awesome moves and impress the kids and make them want to do what they saw me doing. I was a good soccer player but found that I became a great coach.

Use this week's Ripple Connection Question to learn something you might not have known about a friend, colleague or complete stranger. Watch how people transform when they talk about what they are good at. If they are like me, the will transform before your eyes!

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Ripple On My Friends!!!

Steve Harper


Arlin Pauler said...

This is another really great connecting question. Soccer may be the skill set you most relate to Steve, but I've got to say that coming up with these questions is something you do very well also. I guess we are all good at more than one thing.
At any rate that isn't what prompted me to comment on this post. As I read the question it occurred to me to reverse the direction of the question and ask it of myself. I must admit I don't come up with an immediate answer. I'm not certain of any particular thing that I'm really good at. I not saying there isn't anything, I'm just saying it's not clear for me what it is.
Then it occurred to me that this question, and most likely all of them, makes for a good method of connecting with one's Self and being more clear about who I am. It seems to me that the more Self aware - connected - I am the better off I am. The more aware I am of my strengths the better I'm able to use them. Seeking out answers to these kinds of questions keeps me better connected with my Self; which in turn makes my Life more fulfilling.
What do the rest of you think? Isn't Rippling about helping each other make our Life the best that it can be isn't it? Who knows what fun and useful stuff - Ripples - will come out of kicking this around. So post a comment.
Have a fun and rewarding day, Arlin.

Steve Harper said...


What a great post. I think your flipping the question to ask yourself is a great idea. When I come up with these questions I often ponder how I would answer them and the stories I tell myself often help me to be relevant and hopefully engaging when I share my answers with other people.

I truly appreciate your support and your great, insightful comments.

Keep em coming!

Hopefully other readers will chime in!

Ripple On My Friend!


jag said...

Thought you should know that your offer of slightly bruised books coaxed me out of my self-imposed book-buying moratorium! Those ripples are mighty strong...

As for the question, I figure I need to be able to answer it for myself before putting it out there. Not an easy task, but one worth the effort. Thanks!

Steve Harper said...


Well thank you. I believe it was your order that I shipped out today. Ottawa right? Well thanks for coming out of the self-imposed moratorium. I hope you enjoy the books. Is the other one for Steph by chance?

Ripple On!!!


jag said...

Shhhhh... you'll ruin the surprise! :-)