Thursday, April 05, 2007

Be The Ticket Guy

I think you may know that I also BLOG for a service called Execublog which was developed by the leaders of a company called Execubook. Their company takes best selling business books and breaks them down into bite sized summaries for busy executives. It's a very cool service and something I have enjoyed utilizing myself this past year. It has given me some great exposure to books I might have otherwise missed at Amazon or at my local bookstore.

Anyway, last year the folks at Execubooks decided to start a BLOG and have some leading business thinkers chime in with their opinions and thoughts about a new book each week. Someone how they got the impression I was a leading business thinker (shhh don't laugh) and invited me to join in and share my thoughts. It has been great fun and I have made some unbelievable connections through this service.

I was humbled to receive a request last year from one of my fellow Execublog brethren Phil Durado to use one of my posts on his website I was honored to be included in their Fast Guide Section and if you are so inclined you might take a ganger at what I wrote. Read the post here.

To be perfectly honest I had sort of forgotten about Phil's request until I discovered a link back to his article earlier this week. Thanks for including me in your very robust and incredibly informative website Phil!

Would love to hear how you, my loyal readers, are being "The Ticket Guy" for your customers.

Ripples On!!!

Steve Harper

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