Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What I Do? I Do What I Do!!!

I often get asked the question...."So what do you really do Steve? You have written this book but so what? How do you pay the mortgage and give those cute little boys of yours new shoes?"

My short answer....

I help people and companies learn to Ripple.

My slightly longer answer....

I help people build the kind of personal and professional networks (or as I call them communities) that they really want and need. I also help companies of all sizes deepen and strengthen the relationships they have with their clients, prospects and employees.

My really long answer....

Go to my website. Or my other really long have to wait for that for just a minute while I tell you a quick story.

This past week I was faced with someone who challenged my very existence. At SXSW I met a guy who happens to be the author of a best selling book. After exchanging some minor pleasantries I asked him about his and his co-author's book. He gave me a great synopsis of why it had been so well received and why it was changing the way people look at creativity and problem solving. He explained that they were in high demand to speak to corporations and do all sorts of book signings throughout the country and it had been a real whirl-wind. Their book sounded like great stuff and was already on my list of books that I want to read when I finally find the time to read them.

Well as we finished his synopsis he sort of glanced over at my book and asked me "so what's the deal with your book....I mean that is a book right? I assume you self-published it. How goes the plight of the self-published author? It must be tough." His tone and his inference was exactly as you might expect it. He was trying to put me in my place.

I gave him a quick summary of my book and tried to ignore his smarmy nature and the rolling of his eyes as he and his co-author exchanged sarcastic glances. My passion takes over no matter who I am talking to and I was not about to let this bozo get the better of me and make me feel as if my book was anything less than his. Because being the author I know it is not.

I finished my quick summary and he said, "So aside from the book how on Earth do you get paid? I mean in all fairness how many corporations would be interested in your so called power of the Ripple. Seems gimmicky to me."

I guess no more gimmicky than duct tape on a cover referencing a book that was also on display at SXSW.

My point is people love to put other people in their place. I believe it hides their own insecurity and their own self-doubt. Two years ago I would have walked away from that kind of encounter with my tail between my legs harboring all sorts of self-doubt. Today I just laugh that stuff off because I know who I am and WHAT I DO.

I am an author of a good book called The Ripple Effect. A book I am very proud of and know that it has impacted thousands of lives. I am going to be the author of two books soon.

I am a professional speaker. I am not your polished professional guy who likes to hear himself talk but I am passionate and I am good at engaging an audience.

I am a great coach. Coaching is something I have done all my life. I am extremely good at helping people achieve that which they want in their personal and professional life.

I am a consultant. I bring an robust intutive approach to all of my clients and help identify key areas that may be jeopardizing their business model or limiting their success.

I am a great trainer. I am passionate about customer service, sales training and a whole host of other beneficial areas that make people and corporations money!

I am a visionary. I believe our society has lost its ability to connect and I hope to be the change I want to see in the world.

I am an entrepreneur. I have been to hell and back as it relates to starting, maintaining and selling a company and I find that experience is motivating and inspirational to a lot of people.

I am a thinker. I love coming up with new ideas and new approaches to motivate people.

I am a great connector. I have an incredible gift of connecting people and organizations that need to be connected.

I am a constant learner. I consume books, magazine and any and all things that I can get my hands on. I don't have all the answers and I enjoy immersing myself in new sources of information and truly being a student of life!

I am a Rippler. I love the concept of Rippling and helping everyone who crosses my path understand and appreciate that living a Ripple-centric life can and will positively affect your personal and professional life.

Most important....

I am a good Dad and on really special days....a good husband.

But most of alll....

I am Steve Harper( and no...I am not the Prime Minster of Canada and I don't want your vote).

I am Steve Harper and that is who I have always been and who I will always be.

All that I ask is contact me if you think I can help you or your company.

That's how I pay the bills. :-)

And if I can't help you will you do me one favor? Share me (my BLOG, my book, my website, my videos, etc.) with at least one colleague, friend or family member. You have absolutely no idea who might need the Ripple in their life or career!

Oh and too my little author friends. Good luck on the book! Hopefully we meet on Oprah some day!

Ripple On Friends!!!

Steve Harper


Thom Singer said...

Great post. I have found that people who are really successful....financially, emotionally and spiritually....never be-little others or roll their eyes. Those who are really successful are happy to see your efforts and would never "put you in your place". Those who are really successful try to boost others even higher in their quest. Those who are really successful want to see others succeed.

Sounds like these guys were just jerks.

You on the other hand are an example of someone who is successful. You try to help others, and do not look at other authors/speakers as "the competition". You are the kinda guy who trys to raise all the boats by raising the tide.

Hmmmmm, who would I rather know? You or Mr. Fancy Book. I pick you.

Keep up the good work. And I will see you on Oprah...not those guys!

Carlon Haas said...

I think I know who you wre talkingabout, mu friend. But one lesson I learned in life ( adn it has taken me a long time to learn) is this:

I am Carlon "freaking" Haas, and nobody but nobody is better than me and I do not need any person to validate my existence.

I think PayPal reinforced that message to me over SXSW.

Ripple on, Brutha man.

Anonymous said...

I think you should share the name of this assholes book so you can spread a right kind of Ripple. I for one do not want to support an author who is an obvious asshole to someone like you who is out doing rather than just talking about doing.

Ripple us their name!


Steve Harper said...

Thanks for the comment everyone! Thom, thanks for such a powerful comment! It really means a lot to me.

Carlon Freaking Haas, of course there is no other. I think you stole one of my favorite lines from the movie Jerry Maguire. Thank you for your great comment...means a lot!


I purposely choose to eliminate the comment for a variety of reasons. It likely stands to reason that they will never read my BLOG and my comments would most certainly make not a bit of difference to their overall sales but I just wouldn't feel right about it. It feels like I am somehow lowering myself to their level and I think the better Ripple is to be above that.

Might not make sense but that's my take.

Thank you for your comments as well. They too made me smile!

Ripple On Fellas!!!

Steve Harper

Anonymous said...

Oprah huh? Doesn't she only interview women and men that jump on couches? You know Tom Cruise types?

You don't strike me as the counch jumping Oprah hugging type but maybe I am wrong.