Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friends....No Matter What

As many of you may know my Mom has been battling Alzheimer's for the past several years. Alzheimer's is a horrible, horrible disease for which there is no current cure. It has completely robbed my mom of her ability to really communicate and care for herself and these past few years have been a struggle for her. My Dad is her primary caregiver and despite them both being in their early seventies, he faces obstacles in her care that no one should ever have to face. But you know what? It's the love that drives him and to know him and my Mom, it is truly, truly inspirational.

Dad lives for those special moments when Mom will look up at him with those still sparkling eyes and give him a smile. Those moments happen less and less frequently but they are what I know truly drives Dad. Anyone who is around him can see the love and it still apparent to me that she is still his best friend in the whole wide world.

Last night on the CBS Evening News, Steve Hartman had a story about true friendship on his segment Assignment America (something I tune into every week and never miss). It was a story about a couple of friends who have been getting together to play cards every week for over 50 years. The story was both heart-tugging and inspirational as it showed what life-long friendship really means.

One of the players a man named Charlie suffers from a form of Alzheimer's. They still include him and live for those same special moments that I know my Dad searches for every single day. The story had me in absolute tears as it made me miss my Mom more than you could ever know.

I wanted to share the link to this special video with you all for two reasons:

First, thank you Steve Hartman for reminding me just why I do what I do and why the concept of creating Ripples every day is so important. These guys truly "got it" and stand as an example of being Ripples in each other's lives every day. We could all be so lucky to have friends like this when we reach their age. The Ripples we create today may very help us do that.

Lastly, I share this because of my Dad. Thank you Dad for never giving up on her and for keeping steady watch out for those fabulous smiles that no doubt, only happen because you are still by her side. I love and miss you both and please give Mom a special hug and kiss from me.

Please watch the video by clicking on the link below and let me know what you think.

Ripple On!!!




Hi Steve, thanks for leading me to The Longest Game. It goes to show, live goes on no matter what cards you are dealt. I've posted a link to this post on Alzheimer's Notes blog. Cheers, Liz

Drew McLellan said...


Thanks for giving us a moment to stop and remember what really matters.

Your dad sounds like a remarkable man. Perhaps the acorn truly doesn't fall too far from the tree.