Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Create The Life You Want By Rippling - Lesson Ten

I have a new venture that is without a doubt accelerating because I have been following lesson ten to a tee. Lesson ten asks that you....

Openly Share What You Want/Need

It seems obvious, almost too simple but yet how many of us fail to do it? How many of the people you know right now know what you want or need? Bottom line you should be proactively sharing with everyone what you want to achieve, what you want to gain and more importantly what you need help with.

Whether your goals, aspirations or simply connections are personal or professional don't be shy to share them. You never know who might be willing and able to help you.

Recently I found myself immersed in a meeting with two top executives that I would have never in a million years be able to meet alone, much less with both of them in one room as a captivated audience. How did it happen? You guessed it....I told an associate my desire to make an inroad with two specific firms. Unbeknownst to me he had connections! A few short weeks after expressing my desires there I was presenting my new concept to two receptive and forward thinking executives and making things happen.

Talk about Ripples!

We can not accomplish much in life without that aide of those we count on. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Sharing your goals, dreams and aspirations can only further serve to let people know where stand and ultimately where you hope to go. I believe if follow lesson ten that you will be surprised at the Ripples that are created for your life simply by those who desire to play a role in helping.

Until next time.....

Ripple On!!!


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