Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ripple Question of the Week

So as most of you know, we have been hosting a connection event called The 8 Minute Ripple. This event is designed to be a distinct departure from traditional networking. It's all about helping people engage and connect as individuals rather than go through the often unproductive and unsuccessful motions of connecting solely for the sake of business and personal gain. The results have been amazing!

In the spirit of spreading the Ripple and inspiring people to connect in a different (and far better) way, I thought it would be great to feature a Ripple Question each week. Use the question to reach outside your comfort zone and connect with someone you know but perhaps want to know better. Use the question to connect with a complete stranger. Just use it to set yourself apart from the rest of the herd and have some fun with it. You will be amazed at what you might learn about someone simply by asking the question.

Who knows...the answers you get might start an entirely new set of Ripples between you.

So....with no further adieu....I give you


"We find you driving down a road with baited anticipation....where might we find you going and why would you be excited to be going there?"

We would love to hear how you might answer the questions so be sure to post your replies!


Carlon Haas said...

I got this question at the 8 Minute Ripple.

My answer: New York City!!!


Hell if I know, but isn't New York just one of those places?

Thom Singer said...


Great idea on posting questions. This is a good one. I will use it today with the next person I meet!

As for me, you would find me going anywhere with my kids, as they see the world with much more excitement and baited anticipation than I do...and I am jealous of that, so going anywhere with them allows that thrill of living to rub off on me.

Anonymous said...

I would be headed to Colorado. I find much inspiration in the Rocky Mountains. It is a place where life moves at a totally different pace.

Anonymous said...

Ummm great question. I am going to share this with my entire team. You talk about connection points and this couldn't be more of a connection question to know where people really want to be going than this!

As for me....Italy. No roads lead to Italy from L.A. but planes do! Will that work?

Christy in SoCal!

Steve Harper said...

Great comments everyone! Thanks for posting them. As Christy pointed out in an email to me....I failed to answer the question myself. So here it goes....

You would most likely find me headed up to the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico with my dad to go fishing. We have traveled that path so many times in my life but they are memories that will be with me forever.

The "secret" fishing spot which ironically can't be reached any more is the one place on Earth that I love the most. It is the most peaceful place. Two mountain ranges cut through this gorgeous valley and this small untouched little stream bubbles through. The sound of the slow steady water and the wind as it makes its subtle presence known through the cascading pines helps you realize you are really alive and living an amazing life.

Though I can't get exactly to that place any more....(thanks to the Forrest Service), I still travel their often in my mind. When I go there I always outfish dad too!

Ripple On!!!


Anonymous said...

I would be headed home. I spend too much time reading BLOGS like this and forget I have a wife at home!

Randy Tomlinson

MagnumVox said...

Your house!
For dinner!

Okay, okay… this is what I really have to say (and what I really believe):

The road is the emergent experience of my life.
The vehicle by which I travel consists of my dreams, desires, passion, and determination to contribute, add value, to the world around me… all of which is focused and directed by the power of my intention.

Where am I going?
Why, right on into the future that is of my making.
Of course I’m going to be excited about that!!

Does this mean I am a self-made man?
Of course not!!
The “self-made man” is, and always has been, a MYTH.
Any level of, any kind of, success/progress/accomplishment in life requires the contributions of others (no matter how “small”).
So… my gratitude goes out to one-and-all for contributing to my experience of the “road,” and contributing to the building of my “vehicle.”

Ripple On into the future!!!!!

Prince's friend Dan said...

Where I'm going and why I'm excited to be headed there aren't what's important. It's the drive that counts.

CBand Maven said...

This week my most anticipated journey was going South on I-35 to our first trade show. It was like a night rocket launch, very early, very dark, very quiet, and full of energy. All three of us were up, scooter was chattering away in the back, picking up on the tension. The day was like liftoff. Lots of work, lots of anticipation and unimaginable power coming online. What a rush.
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Anonymous said...

Australia, to enjoy my precious family, and feel the joy of cuddling, laughing and loving them.

Amy said...

I would be in the car with Carlon headed to NYC!

Why? Love the city, the energy, Balducci's coffee, Indian food in Greenwich, Martinis at Grace, walks through Central Park, seeing the random star on the street walking right next to you... etc., etc., etc.

Donna Karlin said...

I kind of like the "To your house for dinner" answer : ) however since that's not in the immediate realm.... I would be travelling on the road to possibility of course! Nothing expected yet everything embraced. The possibilities are endless when we open our eyes, minds and hearts to them. And when we do, it's a road not yet travelled but the journey of a lifetime!