Monday, July 10, 2006

Overcoming Self-Doubt

I have self-doubt. I have it a lot!

For example, I wonder if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing in life. I know I have a powerful message that is worth sharing, but am I the one that is supposed to be doing the delivery? Am I the one best suited to make an impact on the world?

If this is what I am supposed to be doing, why haven't I been able to make a bigger impact than I have so far? Why does getting the message out there and having it stick feel like such an overwhelming challenge?

If there is a break to be given, has someone forgotten to give me mine?

If you are like me, sometimes the negative self-talk can be overwhelming. It can control you and make you weary of almost everything you do. I have struggled with doubting myself all of my life. I am not sure why but I do know what it does to me and I don't like it.

I wonder how many millions of people get up every morning and criticize or judge themselves before they ever leave the house? Then wonder why they let themselves be the doormat at the office.

Self-doubt is dangerous. It can and will eat, little by little, your soul.

How do you overcome it? That's a great question that I have struggled with as well. Here is what works for me.

Every once in a while think of all the good things you do in life; all of the qualities, strengths and talents that only you have. Remember that there is absolutely no one exactly like you so regardless of your station in life you are nothing if not unique.

Surround yourself with people that support you. Remember you draw to you what you focus on. Geese of a feather flock together. That can empower you or keep you down depending on the geese. Look for people that have the spirit, energy and motivation that you want and grab a hold of their wings and don't let go.

Most importantly....recognize that self-doubt is holding you back. You and I both are here for a reason. We have a purpose and are both meant to do amazing things in this world. Take the time to embrace the life you have been given and treat each day as the gift that it truly is.

When you focus your energy on these areas, it doesn't leave much time or effort left over for the negative stuff.

Ripple On My Friends!

Steve Harper


MagnumVox said...

Once more you have given all of us a gift through your courageous authenticity.

It is difficult for many of us to admit these things to ourselves; much less to another... and it is most particularly so if we are someone who is outwardly focused in our search for affirmation.

Life beckons with its wondrous bounty!

We owe it to ourselves to overcome the cancer of self-doubt. In doing so, we not only free ourselves to really live and breath, we are now able to truly present the best of ourselves to the world, and seek out the best in others.

# # #

johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy) said...

Steve ... stop what you are doing and immediately read THE WAR OF ART by Steven Pressfield.

TRUST ME on this.

Your life will never be the same.

Again, TRUST ME on this.