Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh That Steve Harper

So Carlon Haas, my good friend and marketer extraordinaire has been lobbying me ever since Canada chose the newest Prime Minister (Steve Harper) to leverage my name's new found popularity to enhance my image and sell more books. A funny angle I must admit but one that I certainly never thought would be applicable until I received the following email.

"Mr. Harper, I purchased your book recently and was amazed that someone of your political stature had to go the self-publishing route. Perhaps this was a project you had in the works before you became Prime Minister. At any rate, I love your ideas and strategy and I am certain they are the essential reason you are now leading the great country of Canada."

Ann --- Florida

Well Ann, thank you. I work very hard every day to keep my good friends of Canada happy any way that I can. It's a huge responsibility and something that we, the united Steve Harper's of the world, have dedicated our lives to giving the most that we can give. Together, we promise to shake as many hands and kiss as many babies as we possibly can and of course, never, ever allow a public relations opportunity pass us by!

God Bless you and all of my constituents in Canada and beyond!

Ripple On Eh!

Steve Harper
(not the official Prime Minister of Canada of King of All Things Ripple)


Anonymous said...

Canada might be better off if you were running it.

jeffro said...

hey steve thanks for stopping by my blog.
your welcome anytime to join in on the canadian conversations..

Jeffrey P Ansloos

Carlon Haas said...

I think you might be ready for an official press release denying you are the prime minister of Canada!

MagnumVox said...

And here I was all set to move to Canada 'cause I thought you were the "Steve Harper" now running the show!

Jeremy Postal said...

That's funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

You are a funny man Steve Harper!

Asha said...

Carlon I could not agree with your comment more! I think Steve is definitely ready!

CJ said...

Okay, I'm in tears...laughing. You should be nominated as an Honorary Hoser, eh? :)