Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Steve's Steps To Being More People Friendly

I often have people who have read my book or who have listened to me speak approach me with this question:

"How can I become more people friendly if I am not a people person by nature?"

It is a relevant question, especially for those of us who believe they aren't necessarily people people. Believe it or not, I am very much that way! Quit laughing it is true!

Bottom line, nothing happens in a vacuum! We all have to deal with people on a daily basis. It makes sense to make these interactions as pleasant and rewarding as you possibly can. The biggest challenge is most of us don't know how to do that. Where do you start? That is where I come in.

Over the next few BLOGS, let me let you in on a few secrets that made becoming more people friendly much easier for me and it will for you as well. I promise!


Seems logical especially for those Maven friends of mine. Decide you are going to become more people friendly. You have to make this decision because without it, all other steps will simply fail unless you have made your mind up and decided to become more people friendly.

Decide that you are tired of eating alone.

Decide that you no longer want to be the only person left at the office when everyone knocks off at the end of the day and heads to happy hour.

Decide that you won't make it pure torture on everyone who needs your help to ask.

Decide that to become more people friendly that there is a certain amount of risk involved and that's okay. It's a calculated risk!

Decide that without a doubt, you associate more pain to being alone than taking a chance to make a connection with another human being.

Decide that smiling isn't more work than frowning.

Decide that by being more people friendly, you will find more opportunities across the board!

Decide the you can do this despite everything your mind is firing off right now to tell you otherwise.

Decide that you can dust off the ol' heart and let it lead for once.

Decide that nothing ventured, nothing gained so what the hell...let's give it a try!

For all of my maven friends out there.....quit analyzing and charting the positives and negatives of each point. Put away the slide rule. Put down the abacus. Take a deep breath and stick that pinky toe in the water.

See....it's not too cold out here. Trust me. We won't let you drown!

Step one is out of the way. Make the decision and stick with it.

Until next time.....Ripple On!!!


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