Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ripple Action Monday -- A Progress Report

Tina, a loyal reader of my BLOG and self-proclaimed fan of The Ripple Effect, was kind enough to send me a mid-week status report on the challenge I put forth on Monday. With only three days into the challenge, Tina remarked how much closer she has become to the two people she most wanted to impact.

Day one, Monday, was spent strategizing on what she could do to make the impact and what she would do each of the days. She decided to leave both of them two fantastic voice mails telling them each how thankful she was to have met them . They both received the voice mails on Tuesday and each of them picked up the phone and called her to thank her for the great "start to their day."

Despite talking to them both on Tuesday, she made some simple yet creative cards and hand delivered it to their offices on Tuesday afternoon. Though she didn't share the exact message with me, she said it was an appropriate spring time poem that she herself had written along with a personal message to them both.

Yesterday, day three, she really got busy. She hit the phones and drummed up no less than two new connections each for both of these individuals. She coordinated a "joint" happy hour in which she committed to bring everyone together in a "spirit of friendship and mutual collaboration." She believes that the ripple of her action now has put her in the good graces of not only the two people she is focusing on this week but four additional individuals as well. Awesome!

With a little time and a little ingenuity Tina says that she has made more of an impact in three days then what she had previously done in the past year. Pretty cool don't you think? Can't wait to hear what Tina does for the last two days of the challenge.

So you see....don't sit idly by and let the Tina's of the world be the only ones out there making the Ripples. You can do it too and it doesn't take a lot of time or effort. Just a little creative thought and the right intention and trust can be making some signficant inroads into the people you most want to impact too.'s just five days. What do you have to lose?

Ripple On My Friends!!!!

Steve Harper

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