Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adapt or Die

In the movie Moneyball, Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) tells his lead scout "Adapt or die" when he is confronted about taking a different approach to finding players for the Oakland A's baseball team.  In that particular scene the scout is criticizing Billy, the general manager of the A's, for attempting to defy the approach to scouting talent that baseball teams have used for as long as there has been professional baseball.  Let's just say the conversation didn't go well.

Change is hard. Especially when you've been accustomed to doing something a certain way for a long time.  It is especially hard when there is proof that some of what you've done in the past has led to success.  Finding a newer way, taking a different path or creating something entirely new and different can be scary.  And in Billy's case, it can be met with much resistance from those who are resistant to try anything new.

Change is hard. So many of us don't do it. Many of us won't go out on a limb to try something that might yield even greater results or reward for fear of failure. "What if this doesn't work?" "What if we try this and we fail?"  All great questions that for most, keep us unwilling to stick our necks out too far beyond the shell where it's warm, safe and what we know.

Change is hard.  But it's inevitable. Billy's "Adapt or die" quote is perfect illustration that change is a requirement if you want to survive, much less succeed.

Let's think about some brands that failed (or are failing ) to adapt and paid dearly for it.

Blockbuster (though, not dead, they are on severe life-support)
Borders Bookstores (I miss their bargain isle)
Dr. Koop (WebMD certainly learned some lessons of what not to do) (Who knew one one would order seeds over the Internet)
American Motors Corporation (Still hard to believe the Pacer & Gremlin never caught on)
U.S. Post Office (Need I say more?)

Whether you are running your own company or designing your own career. Change is inevitable.  More importantly, your ability to respond and react to change is critical to your success.

Adapt or die.  Poignant words of advice my friend.

What should you be adapting to right now in your life or career?

Think about it.

Want some resources on how to adapt?  See the affiliate links below.

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