Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back To The Thinking Tree

I'm back!  My ankle/heel fracture has gotten better and I've been released back into the wild!  Which I think Ripple Dog is even more thrilled than I am to resume our morning and evening walks.

Honestly it was driving me crazy not being able to get out there and walk, much less play tennis. Which by the way, I played my first official match over the weekend and despite being a bit "cautious" about how I played I won 7-6 (15-13), 6-2.

But back to walking.  Henry, Ripple Dog's official name, was excited to be back on Brushy Creek Trail near our home.  We've walked down to my Thinking Tree several times now and each and every time he seems to recognize this is a place of great importance to me. When we sit down at the bench which is beneath the Thinking Tree he is calmer and more relaxed than normal. He jumps up on the bench and just sits there, respectfully waiting for me to collect my thoughts.  

It's strange but sort of cool at the same time. The fact he senses this is my place of solitude. I'm beginning to wonder if it is his too. Even when people walk by, he doesn't get all excited like he might just about anywhere else, he just sits there, hanging with his buddy (that's me) watching.

The Thinking Tree is a special place for me. It's is my solitude. It's where I get my best thinking done.  And now, it's a place I get to share with a silent but loving friend.  It's no longer my place as it's become our place and no matter what, I am more than happy to share it.

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I'm back and I couldn't be happier.

Ripple On!!!

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