Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guess What, You're Good Enough

You know, if you ever feel like you have to change just to impress someone they are likely not someone you want or need in your life.

Trust me, I've felt the pressure to act a certain way when meeting someone for the first time or trying to impress a potentially big client.  It's those moments when you feel like you have to do something a little bit "extra" to validate your position, justify your idea, sell your product or service when the lines of right and wrong can get a little murky.  It's those moments when your mind starts to ask are you are good enough?

Most of us feel compelled to try a little harder, put on a bit of a show to engage someone that we want to impress and that's a problem.  You see, when you act outside of who you really are at the core you're not being true to yourself nor are you being authentic.  And that my friend is where you can run into a bit of trouble.

In today's world people are used to being played.  They expect when something sounds too good to be true is generally is.  They expect people to not be a 100% truthful when trying to sell them something. They expect that the person who's trying too hard has to for a reason.  And the truth is many of them are jaded from previous experience and therefore their filters are highly tuned to catch the con artists and bs'ers of the world.

When you feel compelled to put a little "extra effort" towards impressing someone most people can figure it out right away. That means the first impression you tried so hard to make is suddenly and forever sullied.  The outcome you had hoped to have, whether it be make a real connection with that person, sell them your product or service or whatever is now will never come to fruition.  Worse yet, you will be "that guy or gal" they now know and you're reputation can and will suffer because of it.

Here's the deal, unless you were born a snake oil selling, fast talking, bs'er you're perfect just the way that you are.  If you're the former, I suspect you don't read this BLOG in the first place, or won't after this post.  Forgot the audience of who you think you have to try and impress and realize that you my friend are already good enough for them.  You don't need to put on any airs.  You don't have to play any roles.  Just be you.  Honesty breeds sincerity.  Sincerity breeds trust.  Trust builds relationships.

Be you and if that connection, that sale or that opportunity is meant to happen, it will.  Why? Because the person on the other side of the table will see the real you and will make it happen, that's why!

Have faith. say true to yourself and know you are absolutely good enough just the way you are.  Do that and you'll find both in life and business the right people will always be there to meet you.

Ripple On!!!

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Thom Singer said...

Great advice, Steve.

I have made this mistake of trying to impress someone the first time I met them, only to screw it up and never create a real friendship. I learned this advice the hard way!

Keep up the good blogs. Like your recent stuff a lot!