Friday, March 16, 2012

Manage Your State

Martin Naroznik
I want you to try something.

Slump your shoulders.
Let out a long, deep sigh.
Let your mouth fall down like you're a bit sad.
Let your breathing become heavy and slow.
Let your gaze drop to your feet.

How do you feel?

Not so good right?  Down right crappy perhaps!

Now try this.

Stand or sit up straight.
Take in a long deep breath and hold it for a count of 5 then release.
Repeat at least three times.
Let a smile find your face. Come on you know you want to smile.
Widen your eyes and drink in your surroundings.
Keep breathing.
Stick out your chest and let a feeling of confidence wash over you.
Thrust your fist up like you're Rocky Balboa reaching the top of those steps!

How do you feel now? Better? Perhaps completely opposite of how you felt when we you first started?

What you've just done is feel the complete opposite ends of your state. One makes you feel not so good while the other one makes you feel, dare I say, amazing. Perhaps even ready to take on the world! Like you could go out an accomplish just about anything. Like that person you're about to meet is damn lucky to be meeting you. The confident, composed and super warm and friendly you!

You control your state. You have the ability to put yourself in either a good or bad state simply by managing your mind and your physical presence. Let me reiterate this...


When you are in control,  you can significantly influence the outcomes you'll experience. Whether it's that job interview or meeting someone new at a networking event. Your state gets you noticed and remembered. And a good state usually means a good outcome. Don't ask me why but it's absolutely true.

Every single professional athlete you know goes through their warm up. They warm up both mentally and physically. They prepare themselves to perform at the highest possible level. They run through their game plan, what they are going to do in this instance or that. They think about strategy and how they plan to execute. They prepare their body for battle by warming it up and getting it ready. They put themselves in the best possible state to insure they are ready to perform at the highest level.

So if it works for them, why not you?

Before you walk into that next meeting, meet that important client, go out on that first date or walk into that job interview, prepare yourself. Get yourself in a state of readiness. Run through the simple steps I've outlined above as a starting point and maybe find a few more of your own that will work for you. But do it! Take control of your state and allow yourself to seek a higher level of performance and outcome.

It works. But don't just take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself.

"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity."
--- Henry Hartman

Ripple On!!!

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TXTNLRN Dan said...

Choose your path : The road goes in two directions.

Choose your options: A coin has two sides.
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