Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hopes and Dreams

So many of us have hopes and dreams for ourselves.

Maybe we...

Want a better job.
Want to start our own company.
Want to write a book.
Want to play guitar like John Mayer.
Want to be a world renowned speaker.
Want to leave a legacy, one that our kids will be proud of.

And the list, your list, my list, goes on and on.

The problem with hopes and dreams is we often only bring them out, dust them off and think about them when we are alone.  We rarely share these secret fantasies with those most close to us.


Maybe it's because we feel like we'll be laughed at for wanting more than we already have.  Maybe we fear of looking shallow or self-centered.  Maybe we just don't think other people will care.

And we'd be wrong....on all fronts.

A real friend never judges.  A real friend always supports.  A real friend encourages.  A real friend asks how they can help you.  A real friend takes whatever step they can to make that hope or dream you have a reality.

Maybe we don't feel comfortable sharing these intimate secrets with those closest to us because we ourselves have not been the very best of friends to our own friends.  Maybe it's time we change that.  Maybe it's time that we start asking questions and getting our own friends to open up and share what's locked away in their hopes and dreams cabinet.   And maybe, just maybe, we'll learn something about those friends of ours that we didn't know because we never asked.

If we make it safe and easy for them to open up and share then they'll do the same for us ya know?  It happens.  Trust me.

Think about it.  No, do something about it.

Ripple On!!!

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