Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Can I Help?

How can I help?  It's a question that often swirls in the back of my head whenever I meet with someone and it's probably the single biggest reason that I've built so many powerful relationships in my life.  I don't just sit idly by, I help when and where I can and I like to think that I do it often.

You see, I am a problem solver by nature.  I like hearing about problems. In fact it's what stimulates the old cabeza to kick on, throttle up and start working.  It's what I do best and I would like to think that my approach to brainstorming and creative problem solving adds value to the people I want to help.

I do my best to look at a problem from every angle and look for creative solutions to solve it. Often many of my suggestions are exactly what someone has already been thinking but hearing it verbalized and reintroduced by someone else gives extra validity to it.  Sometimes, I come up with a different approach or solution that the person hasn't thought of and when I see the light bulb of possibility ignite in someone else well, that really gets me excited.  That's when I know I've really done something.

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Being a good helper, whether it be advice, input, suggestions or strategy isn't hard.  Especially if you are committed to really helping someone in the first place.  It just takes a good set of ears, a thorough appreciation for the art of listening (and more to the point, hearing) and the willingness to commit to contribute on some level.

Whether you have a friend that is struggling with some area in their life, maybe it's trying to find a job, dealing with a horrible boss or a troubled relationship, you can help.  Maybe that person is trying to figure out how to take their business to the next level, get more customers or attract more talent to their team, you can help.  There's literally tons of ways that you can add value, lend advice, offer your own solution and help someone with a problem or issue they are struggling with.

The question is, will you?

You certainly can't if you don't continually ask yourself and the people in your life..."How can I help?"  The answer you receive just may be the Ripple that person is looking for.

Ripple On!!!


Thom Singer said...


You are very good at thinking about things in a win / win manner.

Those who approach things from a point of collaboration can easily follow your advice. Those who come from a "what's in it for me" point of view have a harder time getting "how can I help".

You lead by example, and that is the best.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Steve!


Steve Harper said...

Wow thank you Thom and Cheryl!

I learned from people like you my friend!

Ripple On!!!